Your Personal Concierge on the Ground

Air2Ground Concierge (A2G) is a global concierge network dedicated to ensuring the success of your mission at your destination—by offering a high-touch level of service focused on the passenger and crew, beyond that of what you typically receive from the ground handler.

A2G is exclusively available on missions coordinated by your Trip Support Services team.

The Need

A2G was created to drive down operating risk and stress on the ground by providing a higher level of on-site management than what you typically get at challenging and high-risk destinations. This includes destinations:

  • That are highly congested to the point where extra attention is needed to ensure consistently smooth service
  • With regulations, restrictions, or practices that are not optimal for general aviation (GA) operations
  • Not experienced in GA operations
  • Lacking infrastructure
  • Not experienced in GA large aircraft operations
  • Where a Universal Aviation® FBO or ground support location isn’t already established

An Extension of Your Team

A2G works as a direct extension of your Universal® trip support team. And A2G is only available on those missions managed by your team.

When you arrange a mission through your Universal® trip support team to a destination supported by A2G, an A2G agent is automatically mobilized to be your extra level of support — when you land and for the duration of your trip.

You can think of each A2G representative as your personal go-to person on the ground.

Overseeing All On-Airport Arrangements

Each A2G agent provides on-site coordination and QC of all third-party services, 24 hours in advance of your arrival.

  • Slots and parking
  • Ground transportation
  • AOG support
  • Customs/Immigration facilitation
  • Escorting passengers through the airport
  • Managing last-minute changes
  • Handling
  • Catering

And many of our agents are trained to the same stringent standards for quality, safety, compliance, and customer service used in Universal Aviation® FBOs and ground support locations.

Off-Airport Attention and Special Requests

A2G can also help facilitate any off-airport, special, or last-minute requests from passengers and crew.

  • Souvenirs and special shopping requests
  • Shows and tickets
  • Dining arrangements
  • Schedule changes
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Helicopter charters
  • Local insights and recommendations


All of Africa, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Southern France, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.— and our network is continuing to grow.