Enhance your aviation career with our Essentials in Scheduling & Dispatch for Business Aviation Training Course

You can now satisfy regulatory requirements and elevate your aviation knowledge with our interactive training course: Essentials in Scheduling & Dispatch for Business Aviation.

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More about our Course

Who should enroll?

  • Anyone in the aviation industry
    • Schedulers and Dispatchers
    • Charter Brokers
    • Product Developers
    • Pilots and Flight Attendants
    • Both new hires and seasoned professionals needing recurrent training
  • Anyone looking to:
    • Gain foundational knowledge in aircraft scheduling and dispatch
    • Continue their professional development
    • Increase familiarization with trip and flight planning requirements
    • Improve operational efficiencies
    • Get a refresher on the latest best practices for international operations


The course is open to:

  • All Business Aviation professionals looking for an introduction to dispatching and scheduling
  • All current dispatchers and schedulers requiring an update and an overview of the functions of an aircraft dispatcher and/or scheduler


  • Satisfy and stay up to date on regulatory requirements
  • Professional development
  • Increased familiarization with trip and flight planning requirements

Course Description

Through interactive lecture and a collaborative in-class project based on real-world scenarios, attendees will enhance their knowledge and abilities while developing a wide range of skills – foundational, situational, incremental, supportive, organizational, and strategic in the most effective and efficient means possible.

The interactive project offers training solutions at every level, thus aligning service strategies with service behaviors.

Course Objectives

  • Review regulatory requirements and determine effects on corporate aircraft operations
  • Determine advanced planning requirements dispatchers should consider in support of corporate aircraft operations
  • Determine pre-flight requirements dispatchers should consider in support of corporate aircraft operations
  • Determine the criteria dispatchers should provide when briefing the pilot in command prior to departure
  • Determine in-flight support considerations for dispatchers supporting corporate aviation flights

Course Topics

  • Update on Regulatory Requirements, Policies and Best Practices
  • Planning Requirements and Itinerary Planning
  • Pre-Flight Requirements
  • Flight Planning Considerations
  • Flight Plans and Weather
  • Briefing the Pilot in Command
  • In-flight Support Considerations

Course Schedule

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