Comprehensive intelligence to help you assess mission requirements, options, and feasibility for operating into any airport, globally.

Less Pre-Trip Research. Faster Trip Planning.

Spend less time researching multiple sources and waiting for answers.

Know your options, requirements, and potential trip killers for any destination.

Set expectations with passengers and other stakeholders sooner.

All Your Pre-Trip Planning Intel. One Application.

Deep Airport Info
Complete facilities and operational details for over 20,000 airports globally.

All Restrictions & Requirements
Every entry and operational restriction and requirement that you need to know.

Trip Killers
Hidden gotchas that can hurt your trip like new restrictions, short lead time windows, strikes and closures, and availability issues.

Required Services
What’s required. What’s available.
And how to get it.

Health & Safety
Current health entry restrictions and requirements, local COVID testing providers, and security threat intelligence.

Expert Insights
Curated intelligence on what you need to know and what you can expect on the ground at top destinations business aircraft operators fly.

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Reliable Trip Feasibility Intelligence

We validate it… A LOT 
Used and updated daily by Universal® Trip Support, which manages more international trip legs than any other ISP.

Trusted Intelligence Providers
Integrations with respected providers, IATA Timatic and Crisis24.

Fed by our Global Network
Our global community of owned FBO locations and trusted third-party partners contributing their local insights.

Continual Feedback Loop
Continual feedback loop from our growing community of users.

Proactive Data Harvesting
Data harvesting and review teams proactively researching the latest destination requirements.

Independent Data QC
Independent data QC teams reviewing all updates.

What Flight Departments Are Saying

“It’s been a huge time‐saver for us. All the information we need to put a trip together is right there. It has actually replaced the need for some other applications we were using.” ‐ U.S.‐based Private Operator

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