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The FASTEST way to plan and deliver
successful missions.

Spend less time researching multiple sources and waiting for answers.

Know your options, requirements, and potential trip killers for any destination.

Set expectations with passengers and other stakeholders sooner.


“It’s like having a trip support expert with me to answer any question that my passengers or I have about a location – like entry requirements, operating procedures, ground intel, estimated turn times, and more. It’s a real time-saver on international missions.”

Part-91 Captain

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All Your Pre-Trip Planning Intel. One Application.

Deep Airport Info

Detailed airport intelligence for over 20,000 airports globally.

Arrival/Departure Logistics

Airport Level Permissions

Customs Hours and Details

Flight Planning Information

Peak Periods and High-Traffic Events

Airport Operating Hours

Location Trends

View types of Aircraft Operated, Peak Months/Travel Seasons, Peak Times Day/Week, and Tech Stop Times for your chosen airfield.


“I used to spend hours researching new international trip requests. But now, with Feasibility-IQ, I can search up multiple destinations at once and get all the information I need fast. It’s a game-changer for what I do.”

Part-91 Scheduler

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All Restrictions & Requirements

Requirements can (and do) change at a moment’s notice. With Feasibility-IQ, you’ll always have the latest.

Permits Requirements and PermissionsInformation on landing permit requirements, APIS, PPRs, AROs and more.

Crew/Pax Visa Entry RequirementsRequirements for both crew and pax based on nationality from IATA Timatic.

COVID And Health Entry RestrictionsDetail COVID entry restriction details for crew and passengers. COVID testing providers.

Trip Killer Avoidance

Stay on top of peak periods, new restrictions, short lead time windows, strikes and closures, sanctioned countries, availability issues and other hidden risks that can derail your trip.

Health & Safety

Detailed health entry requirements. Local health providers. Security threat intelligence.

Required Services

Know what services are required, what’s available, and how to get it – including handlers, caterers, ground transportation, and airport services.

Expert Insights

Get tailored intelligence on what you need to know and what to anticipate on the ground at top destinations used by business aircraft operators.

Custom Reports

Quickly and easily build nice custom reports that have the specific information your stakeholders care about – in minutes vs hours.

Customer Feedback

Send feedback on the data inside Feasibility-IQ directly to our product team to help us continue to improve your experience.

Reliable Trip Feasibility Intelligence

We validate it… A LOT 
Used and updated daily by Universal® Trip Support, which manages more international trip legs than any other ISP.

Trusted Intelligence Providers
Integrations with respected providers, IATA Timatic and Crisis24.

Fed by our Global Network
Our global community of owned FBO locations and trusted third-party partners contributing their local insights.

Continual Feedback Loop
Continual feedback loop from our growing community of users.

Proactive Data Harvesting
Data harvesting and review teams proactively researching the latest destination requirements.

Independent Data QC
Independent data QC teams reviewing all updates.


“With Feasibility-IQ, we’re seeing significant time savings across our flight department, and we’re able to respond much faster to trip-related questions. Our schedulers and crew really love it.”

Part-91 Flight Department Manager

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