Mitigate flight delays.
Maximize passenger comfort and safety.

Performing flight following and weather monitoring on active flights is both an operational best practice and an IS-BAO recommendation – as well as a requirement of any Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

It can help you avoid potential safety issues, minimize passenger discomfort during flight, alert stakeholders and service providers of flight delays, and keep your overall mission on schedule.

At Universal, we make this easy for you by providing a turnkey service for any flight plan filed by Universal – through either your Universal® Trip Support Team or the uvGO® Mission Management Platform.

Choose from three subscription levels based on level of support and expertise you need.

With Us, You're Covered

A team of 30+ aviation meteorologists following your flight and alerting you to potential issues
Expert advice on severe weather and turbulence avoidance for passenger comfort and safety
Proactive scheduling adjustment on slots and downstream services to mitigate en route delays


Annual plans. Available per aircraft.

*Only available on Universal-managed trips. Not available on DIY flight plans filed within uvGO.

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Also Available

Meteorological In-Flight Alerts

  • Alerts for any significant weather event that is detected along your route while in flight, based on your aircraft’s estimated position.
  • Consultation with our expert aviation meteorologists as needed.
  • Available on flight plans filed through Universal – either Universal Trip Support or the uvGO Mission Management Platform
  • Available per trip, without a subscription. Speak with your Universal Trip Support Team for details.


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