Greg Evans

Chairman & Owner

C. Gregory Evans, known to all as “Greg,” is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and lifetime advocate for the business aviation industry. Since 2007 he has served as Universal’s Chairman of the Board. Greg’s father, Tom, founded Universal Weather. Greg has spent…

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Ralph J. Vasami

Chief Executive Officer, Universal Weather and Aviation

Ralph J. Vasami leads Universal’s day-to-day operations, setting and communicating the company’s vision, priorities for growth and efficiencies, policy and procedures for global compliance and service standards…

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Charlie Mularski

Chief Operating Officer

Charlie is a skilled executive with 25+ years of experience in the business/corporate aviation services industry.

Charlie joined Universal at its Headquarters in Houston, Texas, in 1999 with a focus on business development…

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Guido Groeschel

Executive Vice President, Digital Product Management

Guido is an accomplished executive with a proven track record of leading strategic digital initiatives. As the head of our digital transformation efforts, Guido is responsible for the financial and operational aspects of these initiatives…

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John Lee

Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer, Universal

Chief Executive Officer, Air Culinaire Worldwide

John oversees Universal’s finance, treasury, accounting, tax, financial planning, and analysis, Human Resources and serves as CEO of Air Culinaire Worldwide, a Universal company…

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Jonathan Howells

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Originally from the UK, Jonathan has a BA (Hons) from Brighton University before completing a Post Graduate Diploma in HR Management. While working at British Airways as an HR Manager Jonathan transitioned to an operational management leadership role in BA’s commercial ground handling…

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Omar J. Fahel

Chief Legal Officer

Omar Fahel is a skilled international lawyer who has been providing expert legal advice and guidance to multinational organizations for over 20+ years…

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