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      Operating Requirements: Part 4 – Best Practice TipsAn international check list is always an effective tool when planning an international trip. Ensure you have all required overflight and landing permits, consider aircraft parking and security at destination and be sure you have all required documentation onboard in the event of a ramp... […]

      Calculating ETPs for GA Aircraft – Part 2: Special ConsiderationsWhen a variety of equal time point (ETP) possibilities are available, operators have the option of being more selective and choosing airports with the best available service and support capabilities. However, there are times when available ETPs may be few and far between -- such... […]

      Operating Requirements: Part 3 – Particular RestrictionsIt’s always important to do your due diligence in terms of pre-trip planning. Consequences of missing a procedural step or documentation requirement may trigger issues with your permit application and/or operating flexibility day of operation... […]

      Calculating ETPs for GA Aircraft – Part 1: Planning TipsThere’s no regulatory requirement for general aviation (GA) operators to calculate Equal Time Points (ETPs) when planning and filing flight plans. However, ETP planning is a best practice procedure most operators choose to make as part of the pre-flight planning process... […]