French Open Tennis 2023: Business Aviation Guide

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The French Open is one of the biggest tennis events in the world and attracts visitors from all over the globe. Held at the iconic Roland Garros Stadium in Paris, this prestigious Grand Slam tournament is a must-visit for tennis enthusiasts and business travelers alike.

The 2023 tournament takes place from Sunday, May 28, 2023 – Sunday, Jun 11, 2023.

If you’re planning to attend the 2023 French Open or have a business aviation mission scheduled for Paris during the tournament period, here’s everything you need to know.

About the French Open

The French Open is one of the most anticipated events in the world of tennis and the billionaire social calendar. It draws in tens of thousands of visitors from all around the globe.  The tournament takes place over two weeks, and it features some of the biggest names in the sport battling it out on the clay courts of the Roland Garros Stadium in Paris. In addition to the main draw matches, there are also several other events that take place during the French Open, including qualifying matches, exhibition matches, and various cultural events.

Expect Congestion in the City Center

The French Open has a significant impact on the city of Paris, particularly in terms of congestion. The event draws in a large number of visitors, which can cause traffic congestion in and around the city center. The tournament also affects public transportation, with many of the buses and metro lines being rerouted to accommodate the influx of visitors.

To manage the increased traffic and congestion, the city of Paris typically implements various measures during the French Open. These measures include increasing the frequency of public transportation, setting up temporary bike rental stations, and encouraging visitors to use carpooling services or walk to the stadium. Additionally, the city often closes certain roads or implements one-way traffic patterns to help alleviate congestion.

Despite the increased congestion, the French Open is a hugely popular event that is enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. The tournament is not just a sporting event, but also a cultural event, with various activities and exhibitions showcasing the best of French art, culture, and cuisine. While it may cause some inconvenience, the French Open is an event that adds to the vibrancy and excitement of Paris, making it a must-visit destination for tennis enthusiasts and travelers alike.

Venue and Distance from City Center/Airport

The French Open is held annually at the Roland Garros Stadium, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The stadium is about 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles) from the city center and 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Le Bourget airport, which is the preferred airport for business aviation in Paris.

Preferred Airport – Le Bourget

Le Bourget parkingParis Le Bourget (LFPB) is the preferred general aviation (GA) airport for this event.

LFPB is a 24-hour airport of entry (AOE) with full services, fixed-base operators (FBOs) and credit available.

No PPRs or airport slots are required for Le Bourget.

Parking is usually available at Le Bourget even during the French Open.

More information on operating to Le Bourget is available in our Paris Business Aviation Destination Guide.

Third-Party Services

Keep in mind that the French Open is held in June, which is the busiest month of the year for business aviation traffic in Paris. Operators visiting the city should plan all third-party services and hotels in advance to secure the best options.

June is the busiest month of the year for business aviation traffic at Le Bourget. Get more destination insights, including peak times, days of the week in Feasibility-IQ.

Potential Strikes

Strikes are always a potential issue when operating to France, particularly during the Summer peak season. In Spring 2022, we’ve already seen delays created by French ATC strikes. Expect more strikes, planned and unplanned, to continue to affect travel in France in the coming months, as workers/climate activists take advantage of their leverage when their activities create the most chaos. Tracking every strike/protest in this e-mail is like playing whack-a-mole. The best way to stay on top of these is to leverage our Feasibility-IQ Mission Planning App.


Universal Aviation Paris

If you’re planning to attend the French Open, Universal Aviation France can help.

Operators traveling to Paris for the 2023 French Open should be prepared for some congestion within the city. However, parking at Le Bourget should not be an issue. All third-party services, including hotels, should be arranged as far in advance as possible to ensure the best options. Universal Aviation France can help.

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