International Flight Planning

Effortlessly create and file domestic and international flight plans.

From your desktop, iPad, or iPhone, you can quickly perform complex flight planning calculations, accounting for all important factors including aircraft performance, weather forecasts, routing restrictions and more.

Then hit FILE and you’re ready to fly – worldwide.


“There is simply no better flight planning application for private aviation that is capable of supporting all our international trips. That is why we chose and will continue to use Universal.”

Part 91 International Captain


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All the Essentials for Flight Planning and More

Build Int’l and Domestic Routes

  • Quickly build int’l and domestic routes.
  • Optionally pull from a large database of precalculated and filed routes.
  • Leverage numerous advanced route analysis and optimization options.

Calculate and File

  • Calculate flight plans for alternate airports
  • File flight plans in Europe through Eurocontrol, and other countries across the globe
  • Calculate ETPs and ETOPs
  • And more

View Detailed Weather Overlays

Get detailed weather info, including reports, satellite imagery, route briefings, and maps.

Detailed Airport Intel

Comprehensive airport and runway data, including information on FBOs, ground handlers, and maps with satellite imagery.

Take Your Flight Planning to the Next Level with these Advanced Features

Runway Analysis

Perform an in-depth Runway Analysis to ensure a safe and successful takeoff and landing.

Weight and Balance

Ensure accurate weight distribution and balance in your aircraft.


Incorporate diversion and engine-out scenarios for your intercontinental flight planning with automatic ETOPS and ETP calculations.

FIR Avoidance

Avoid overflights in areas with high traffic, high fees, insurance risks, or political restrictions.

GPS RAIM Prediction Analysis

Predict and analyze potential outages in GPS coverage along your planned route.


“All of our international pilots are using this system, and they love it. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it does a really good job at calculating ETEs and fuel burn estimates on our flights. Our schedulers also like that it integrates with our scheduling system.”

Part 91 VP of Aviation


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Available in three formats

Save Big with these Cost-Saving Capabilities

Optimized Flight Plans

Our optimized flight planning  system leverages real-time weather and your aircraft performance data to help you maximize your operational efficiency and give you accurate fuel burn estimates and ETEs that you can rely on.

Fuel Tankering

Reduce your number of fuel stops, take advantage of cheaper fuel prices, and ensure that you have enough fuel for unexpected circumstances.

Reclear & Fuel Contingency Flight Planning

Enhance your operating flexibility and better plan fuel reserves on long haul flights with reclear and fuel contingency planning calculations.

Want to learn more?

Visit our Knowledge Base for tips and resources to help you get started with Online Flight Planning.


“I don’t always have the iPad with me, so when we have a schedule change, I love that I can open the app up on my iPhone and, in a few minutes, calculate a whole new flight plan.”

Part 91 Captain


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Discover what all it can do

Online Flight Planning

  • Flight plan calculations and filings
  • Domestic, regional, and intercontinental legs
  • Over 200 flight plan formats
  • A massive library of stored route options—including your routes, previously and recently cleared routes, and CDRs
  • Interactive route mapping with weather overlays

Weather and NOTAMs

  • Worldwide satellite imagery and route weather data, with numerous layer visualization options
  • Worldwide METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs
  • Radar imagery for composite U.S and site radar for all major cities across the U.S.,
  • Passenger and preliminary weather briefings

Advanced Capabilities

  • Runway analysis
  • Weight and balance
  • FIR avoidance
  • ETPs
  • GPS RAIM prediction analysis
  • EU-ETS tonne kilometre (TKM) calculations
  • Fuel tankering calculations

Cost Reduction Features

  • Optimized (best winds) flight plans for savings on time and fuel
  • Fuel tankering calculations
  • Customizable cruise burn biasing
  • Reclear flight planning
  • Summary of navigation fees / overflight charges
  • Automatic 2° and 3° burn summaries
  • Center of gravity management (weight and balance)

Airports, FBOs, and Ground Services

  • Worldwide airports, FBOs and ground handlers, in-flight caterers, ground transport providers, hotels, and restaurants
  • Satellite views for all airports
  • U.S. and Canada Customs contact information

Part of the uvGO Mission Management Platform

  • Mission Feasibility
  • Flight Planning & Analysis
  • 360° Digital Mission Management


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