Mandatory & Voluntary Aircraft Emissions Management – Made Easy.

Sustainability is a critically important focus in business aviation, and private flight departments around the globe are working on the problem of reducing their carbon footprint, without sacrificing their mobility or adding additional administrative burden.

Whether you just need help complying with the various mandatory aviation emissions trading schemes (ETS) or want help with voluntarily reducing your carbon footprint even more, we have simple and customizable solutions for your specific needs.

EU-ETS, CH-ETS, CORSIA & UK-ETS Management Services

The mandatory ETS programs that private operators need to understand and comply with are CORSIA, EU-ETS, CH-ETS and UK-ETS – and each has its own administrative challenges for operators.

With us, you get a simple, turnkey Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) management solution that will help you stay on top of the latest requirements and complete all your annual reporting obligations.

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Voluntary CO2 Offsetting

Private operators looking to reduce their carbon footprint beyond their minimum mandatory obligations can take advantage of our Voluntary CO2 Offsetting Program.

We offer a simple, scalable solution that allows you to track CO2 for any single flight or all your flights – all within the same platform used for our EU-ETS, CORSIA & UK-ETS Management Services.  Offsetting is supported by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on only ACCREDITED projects.

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With Us, You're Covered

Ensure your compliance for all Mandatory CO2 Emissions Trading Schemes (EU-ETS, CORSIA, UK-ETS)
Painlessly track, report and offset with minimal administrative burden on your team
Go beyond the minimums with our Voluntary Offsetting Solution

Let us help you achieve your flight department’s sustainability goals.

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ETS News and Updates

Emissions Tracking & Reporting Available Via

The uvGO Mission Management Platform

  • Mission Feasibility
  • Flight Planning & Analysis
  • 360° Digital Mission Management
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