A critical piece of your sustainability program, Voluntary CO2 Offsetting is simple and verifiable

Reduce your environmental impact for ANY or ALL flights.

While mandatory carbon emissions reporting and offsetting has been in our industry since 2009, there is growing desire among flight departments to do more to reduce their impact on the environment.

Our Voluntary CO2 Offset Program helps you go beyond meeting the minimum CO2 offset standards you’re already achieving under the mandatory Emission Trading Schemes (ETS).

Whether you want to voluntarily offset carbon emissions for one trip, like a high-profile mission to the World Economic Forum, or every mission you fly, our solution makes it easy.


  • Built on the same platform as our EU-ETS, CH-ETS, CORSIA & UK-ETS Management Services
  • Consultation and administration by our expert to help you maintain a program best for you
  • Customizable offset volumes suitable for select trips or ongoing variable commitments on a quarterly or annual basis
  • Leverages your flight planning data and ETS/Eurocontrol certified calculators to calculate your aircraft emissions
  • Credits purchased and retired through a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, making them tax deductible in the U.S.
  • Credits only offered for accredited projects, from which you can choose
  • Detailed reporting, Certificate of Offset and project details provide with each offset on your behalf

Let us help you achieve your flight department’s sustainability goals.

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Emissions Tracking & Reporting Available Via

The uvGO Mission Management Platform

  • Mission Feasibility
  • Flight Planning & Analysis
  • 360° Digital Mission Management
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