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ADS-B ADAPT Exemption Support for the U.S.

ADS-B is required when operating over the U.S. as of January 1, 2020. However, aircraft without the necessary ADS-B capabilities can still operate in U.S. airspace with a single-use route deviation authorization obtained through the FAA’s ADS-B Deviation Authorization Pre-Flight Tool (ADAPT).

Avoid the Challenges

The process for filing and maintaining an ADAPT-approved route segment can be challenging, especially when part of an international flight plan and mission.
The ADAPT authorization only applies for U.S. airspace, and some trial-and-error optimization is needed to get an approved U.S. route segment that works with your overall international route.
In addition, the process to apply for the exemption can’t be started until 24 hours out from your departure time. And if there are schedule changes >2 hours out require a new authorization.

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ADS-B ADAPT Exemption Facts

Applies to U.S. airspace route segments only

Only valid for a single route.

Applications can be submitted 24 hrs. to 1 hr. in advance of departure

Authorizations are only valid within a +2 hour window of approved ETD

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