Foreign non-scheduled commercial/charter operators:

Be ready for your next U.S. trip with a DOT Special Authorization

Service Specific to Operations to the United States

If you are a foreign non-scheduled commercial/charter operator with potential trips to the U.S., remember DOT (Dept. of Transportation) Authority is mandatory.

Obtaining Part 375 Special Authorization is one way for operators to meet DOT requirements

  • Optimal for occasional foreign registered commercial/charter operators, making 12 or less round-trips to the U.S. annually
  • Once approved, your Special Authorization exemption is valid for 12 months for all aircraft listed on the approval
  • Reporting operations post trip to DOT is required in many cases
  • Renewal processing usually takes 30 days, so apply early in case of processing delays to avoid a lapse in coverage and be ready for trip opportunities as they arise

Avoid regulatory infractions and save yourself administrative burden by coordinating your DOT questions, applications, renewals with our experts.

Unsure if a DOT Part 375 exemption is required and appropriate to meet DOT requirements for your operation?

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Be Ready For Your Next U. S. Charter Opportunity With Annual Dot Exemption Filing
Active Program Management: Stay Current, Never Miss An Expiration
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Why navigate it alone? Trust Universal to keep you up-to-date and compliant with DOT requirements and regulations.

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