DOT 375 Special Authorization Services

Foreign non-scheduled commercial/charter operators:

Be ready for your next U.S. trip with a DOT 375 Special Authorization

Service Specific to Operations to the United States

If you are a foreign non-scheduled commercial/charter operator with potential trips to the U.S., now is a great time to lock in your Department of Transportation (DOT) 375 Special Authorization.

DOT 375 Authorization and Reporting is required for foreign non-scheduled commercial/charter operator operators. Avoid regulatory infractions and save yourself administrative burden by coordinating your Special Authorization application or renewal with Universal’s Global Regulatory Team today.

  • A DOT 375 Exemption is a mandatory operating requirement for ALL non-U.S. based non-scheduled commercial or charter operators
  • You qualify for this program if you make less than 12 round-trips into the U.S. in a calendar year.
    • Once approved, your Special Authorization exemption is valid for 12 months for all aircraft listed on the approval
  • Renewal processing usually takes 30 days, but apply early in case of processing delays and to avoid a lapse in coverage

Our dedicated Regulatory Team is skilled at managing the DOT 375 submission process, and will actively manage your renewal each year to mitigate lapses in coverage. We handle the mandatory self-reporting aspect of the DOT 375, making sure the DOT gets accurate and timely information on your trips into the U.S.

With Us, You're Covered

Be ready for your next U. S. charter opportunity with mandatory, annual DOT 375 exemption filing
Active program management: Stay current, never miss an expiration
Streamlined DOT 375 filing and reporting on your behalf

Why navigate it alone? Trust Universal to keep you up-to-date and compliant with DOT requirements and regulations.

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