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Mexico Ops Reminder:

Avoid delays, re-routing or unexpected fines and fees by having SENEAM Mexico Nav Fees facilitated by Universal

Service Specific to Operations to OR through Mexico

Every time you overfly Mexico’s airspace or arrive/depart an airport during non-business hours you’re charged air navigation (SENEAM) Fees.

SENEAM does not directly invoice, leaving you with the burden of reporting, calculating, and paying these fees. Payments must be made via bank transfer from a Mexico based bank.

Missing a SENEAM fee payment can have drastic consequences, including delays, re-routing or unexpected fines.

When you choose Universal’s Global Regulatory Services (GRS) team to handle SENEAM fees on your behalf you can be confident that your trip won’t be negatively impacted by missed payments.

With Us, You're Covered

Designated agent liaising with Mexican authorities to manage your SENEAM fees
SENEAM payment made via Mexico national bank.
Flight activity monitoring and SENEAM fee calculation, reporting & payment.

Save time and reduce of the risk of you missing a SENEAM fee payment.

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