eu-LISA Registration and EES/ETIAS Submission Services

EU Ops Update:

eu-LISA Registration & EES/ETIAS Submission Services

Impacts all private and charter operators carrying passengers into the EU – pending September 2022 deadline to register

Starting in September 2022, ALL operators (Private AND Charter) planning to transport passengers into the European Union (EU) are required to both be registered with eu-LISA and submit passenger screening info through their portal to comply with the EU’s Entry/Exit System (EES) and European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) for traveler screening—which go into effect September 2022 and early 2023, respectively.

The eu-LISA carrier registration process can be time-consuming and complex for many aircraft operators. And not being set up in time can negatively impact your missions into the EU.

Our Global Regulatory Services team makes this easy for you. We’ll guide you through the whole eu-LISA carrier registration process, helping you avoid pitfalls and costly delays.

By working with us, you’ll also be able to designate Universal as a Carrier Service Provider on your account, which gives you the convenience of having us manage your EES and ETIAS traveler screening submissions in the future, so you don’t need to.

With Us, You're Covered

Avoid pitfalls and costly delays in completing your eu-LISA registration process.
Reduce your workload by having your EES and ETIAS passenger submissions handled seamlessly with your Universal-managed missions.
Ongoing management and oversight of your eu-LISA account.

Save time and reduce of the risk of missing an eu-LISA deadline.

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On Feb. 17, eu-LISA issued this notice urging operators to register with the agency ASAP if they plan to transport passengers into the EU, starting September 2022 and beyond, to comply with the EU’s new Entry/Exit System (EES) for traveler screening.

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