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Effortless & Compliant Cuban Overflight Permit Management

Service Specific For Operations Over Cuban Airspace

Navigating Cuba’s overflight permit process is straightforward with the right expertise. Whether it’s for a single overflight or regular scheduling, our OFAC-licensed team ensures efficient and compliant management.

Experience Matters

While the process for obtaining Cuban overflight permits remains consistent, utilizing an experienced provider guarantees compliance with all necessary regulations for a smooth experience.

With Us, You're Covered

Expert Filing for Cuban Overflight Permits: We handle every aspect of the permit process, ensuring timely approvals and adherence to all regulations.
Compliant Payment Handling: Due to U.S. economic sanctions, we manage all financial transactions required for permit payments, facilitating smooth processing and compliance.
Adaptable Permit Management: Our services extend beyond initial filings to include any necessary adjustments or revisions to your permits while traveling, ensuring uninterrupted compliance.

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Understanding Cuban Overflight Permits

While requesting and obtaining Cuba overflight permits is generally a straightforward process, it is best to use an Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)-licensed 3rd-party provider (particularly for N-registered operators) due to U.S. sanction restrictions. Overflight routing opportunities have changed somewhat in recent years, so it’s important to be aware of current permit requirements and airway options.

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