EASA Environmental Portal Registration Services

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EASA Environmental Portal Registration Services

Applies to private and charter operators with larger-sized aircraft operating in the EU

The European Union Environmental Safety Administration (EASA) Environmental Registry mandate requires Private and Charter operators with larger-sized aircraft – either >34000kg or with ≥19 seats – to register on the agency’s Environmental Portal.

Registering with the EASA Environmental Registry can be time-consuming and complex for many aircraft operators. And not being set up in time can negatively impact your missions into the EU.

To save you time and reduce the risk of missed deadlines and errors, our Global Regulatory Services team can manage the whole registration process for you.

We’ll take care of your registration and keep your portal data current, using documentation we already keep on file for managing your Trip Support and Regulatory needs.

With Us, You're Covered

Simple and easy EASA Environmental Portal registration.
Experts actively monitoring your EASA portal so you’ll never miss a deadline.
Ongoing maintenance and updating of your EASA portal account.

Save time and reduce of the risk of missing an important EASA deadline.

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