F1 Hungarian Grand Prix 2024: Business Aviation Planning Guide

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The Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 will be held July 19-21 2024, at the Hungaroring Circuit in Mogyoród northeast of Budapest. This event will bring heavier-than-normal traffic to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (LHBP), with possible road congestion anticipated to/from the race circuit.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

The Race

The race will be held at Hungaroring Circuit in Mogyoród, approximately 20 kilometers (about 12.5 miles) northeast of downtown Budapest. The schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, July 19: Practice
  • Saturday, July 20: Qualifying
  • Sunday, July 21: Race

The Hungarian Grand Prix is a flagship in the Formula 1 racing calendar and has been a permanent fixture since 1986, making it one of the longest-running races in F1 history. Known for its challenging twists and turns, the circuit demands exceptional skill and strategy from drivers.

Read full race details.

VIP Experience

Budapest is known as the “Paris of the East,” and is world-renowned for its vibrant nightlife and music scene. Many bars, clubs, and hospitality venues in Budapest host after-parties and special events to celebrate the Grand Prix. These parties often attract racing fans, team members, and sometimes even the drivers themselves.

For more information on VIP packages visit: https://www.grandprixgrandtours.com/hungarian-vip-f1-package/.

Primary Airport – Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (LHBP)

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (LHBP) is the primary airport for operators attending the Hungarian Grand Prix. LHBP is approximately 10 miles and 30 minutes away from downtown Budapest and 21 miles and 30-45 minutes from the race circuit. However, operators should plan on longer travel times due to traffic during the weekend of the F1.

LHBP Operating Hours and Night Curfew

LHBP is a 24-hour airport of entry (AOE) with 24-hour customs, immigration, and quarantine (CIQ), however, the airport does have a nighttime curfew from 00:01-05:00 local. Exceptions to the night curfew are possible for a limited number of flights with advanced requests at least 48 hours before arrival.

A Deep Sleep fee will be assessed on any nighttime operations during the curfew period based on the aircraft’s noise certificate.

clearance and plenty of general aviation (GA) parking available. However, hangar accommodation is not possible here for transient GA movements. A general aviation terminal (GAT) is available at LHBP along with complete GA support services and credit.

LHBP Slots and PPR

Prior permission and airport slots are not required, but FPL and handling requests should be sent prior.


Customs cannot be cleared on the aircraft at LHBP. Instead, passengers are picked up airside and driven to the airport’s General Aviation Terminal, with a dedicated Immigration/Customs service 24/7.

Passports will be checked (if needed). However, there is no check from/to Schengen territory.

Passengers’ baggage is collected and transported by the handler to the GAT and then directly to the passenger’s van/cars directly in front of the GAT.

The entire CIQ process is usually quick, taking only a few minutes usually.

LHBP Parking

Operators are permitted to park for as long as they wish at LHBP as long as prior parking approval has been obtained. We seldom encounter issues with extended parking at LHBP airport. This location offers a full range of ground support equipment (GSE), and it’s not generally necessary to bring tow bars or chocks. For LHBP, about 50 percent of GA parking stands require pushback, but ground handlers have all the necessary equipment. Be mindful that when on the ramp, the crew must wear high-visibility vests at all times. Follow-me truck operators look out for compliance with these rules and will determine whether to notify you to put one.

Fuel Uplifts

Fuel delays can be expected airport when making an uplift request during or shortly after the Grand Prix period. There are no fuel trucks dedicated to GA, and delays can be expected for all uplifts during the Grand Prix period due to heightened traffic movements. Therefore, unless you’re planning to depart a few days after the event, we recommend uplifting fuel a day before departure. Typical fuel uplift delays at LHBP are up to 30 minutes, but delays may run up to one or two hours during the Hungarian Grand Prix period.  Therefore, we recommend scheduling fuel uplifts one day before departure or on arrival for the Grand Prix period.

Hotel Availability

Hotel room pricing in Budapest, close to the race circuit will be higher than usual, with extended cancelation policies likely in place during the Grand Prix. Currently, the average price for 4-star crew accommodations is running 250-300 Euros, but this will likely increase as we get closer to the event.

Local Transport

Pre-paid transport (car with driver) is recommended for travel to/from the race circuit. We do not recommend rental vehicles for most crew transport as vehicle parking will be extremely difficult in city centers and race venues. Helicopter transfers can be considered to and from the airport and the racetrack, but there are no options for helicopter services between the city centers and the track. As helicopter transfers will be in high demand over this period, we suggest requesting these services as early as possible.


As you prepare for your trip to the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023, remember that Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (LHBP) will be dealing with heavier-than-usual traffic and possible delays. Aim to arrive a couple of days before the race events begin and leave a few days after the culmination to avoid peak congestion. Do familiarize yourself with LHBP’s operating hours, night curfew, and CIQ procedures, which differ somewhat from other international airports. During this busy period, anticipate delays for fuel uplifts; it’s advisable to schedule your uplift a day prior to your departure. Make sure to comply with the airport’s regulations such as wearing high-visibility vests while on the ramp. Lastly, be aware of the landing permit requirements and the necessary approvals for extended parking at LHBP. Universal Aviation’s Certified Member Euro Jet Budapest is available to assist you with any operational needs for your journey to the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix!

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