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No two private operations are the same. They can range from a single owner-operator that flies regionally, to a large flight department for a multinational corporation. Their missions vary from moving executives and Heads of State to important meetings, to delivering aircraft and life-saving medical supplies. Each faces its own challenges in this increasingly complex world—and your challenges are unique to only you.

With us, you have a partner with the resources, Global Community, and solutions to help you overcome these challenges and keep your operation moving.

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Trip Support

With us, you get more than just flight plans, weather, and trip coordination. You get a dedicated team proactively anticipating, staying on top of, and quickly adapting to whatever challenge may arise. All with a singular goal of helping you achieve a successful mission – every time.

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Global Regulatory Services

SENEAM, UK-APD, BOE, APIS, EU-ETS, OFAC. The global regulatory environment continually changes. Our experts will help you stay on top of it all, and alleviate some paperwork along the way.

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Air Culinaire Worldwide

You can plan a trip perfectly, but if the in-flight catering falls apart, so does the passenger experience. At 1,800+ airports across the globe, Air Culinaire Worldwide kitchens and associate catering partners can deliver a total in-flight catering experience that is on time and pleases the palates of those who matter most—your passengers and crew.

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Universal Aviation

Strict operating and customer service standards. Industry-leading training and audit systems. With Universal Aviation, you have access to a global network of FBOs and ground support locations committed to exceeding the expectations of both you and those who land at our locations.

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Online Flight Planning

Worldwide flight planning and weather. Optimized routings. Highly accurate ETEs and fuel burn estimates. Completely do-it-yourself from your computer or Apple iPad.

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Chauffeured Ground Transportation

With Universal-Drivania, you can arrange chauffeured ground transportation anywhere in the world and be confident that your arrangements are managed seamlessly with your overall Universal® trip, so that nothing is missed.

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Mobile App

With uvGO, you can plan, build, and manage successful missions worldwide. You have access to do-it-yourself trip planning resources, as well as complete mission coordination through Universal.

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Stay connected with unlimited SATCOM and SITA VHF ACARS datalink for ANY business aircraft you operate, regardless of avionics type. And enjoy complete integration with our flight planning, weather, and fleet status applications – all through uvGO, available via your Apple® iPad®.

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    • Middle East and Africa: Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on business aviation
      by Universal on July 10, 2020 at 21:00

      Africa & Middle East COVID-19 Flight Restrictions Algeria July 9, 2020 ​​​General Restrictions: Land, air, and sea connections for passenger travel remain suspended until further notice.​ Passenger flights are not authorized except in the event of repatriation of Algerian citizens.  All other flights require approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Passenger Restrictions: Must remain on board during tech stops. Must wear face masks while in public.  Social distancing should be practiced as well. Crew: Health Declaration forms are required for entry. Expect Medical temperature test and monitoring.  No RON or overnight stays. Check with team for specific documentation required The post Middle East and Africa: Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on business aviation appeared first on Universal® Operational Insight Blog.

    • Caribbean: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on Business Aviation
      by Universal on July 10, 2020 at 20:30

      Caribbean Anguilla July 7, 2020 Restriction expiration: July 14, 2020 ​​General Restrictions: Anguilla ports are still closed to all passenger vessels. Ferry flights in to pick up foreign nationals to return to home country are allowed. Allowed flights are considered on a case-by-case basis. Passenger Restrictions: Passenger travel of only Anguillan Nationals to travel to Anguilla is now allowed. Charter flights have been allowed on a case-by-case basis for the departure of visitor from the territory. Repatriation Flights: ​At this time only repatriation flights to the United States are allowed. All repatriation flights must be coordinated through Kim Cutler – 1-264-235-6375 Crew: Extended The post Caribbean: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on Business Aviation appeared first on Universal® Operational Insight Blog.

    • Business Aviation in Europe: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact
      by Universal on July 10, 2020 at 20:01

      COVID-19 business aviation flight restrictions in Europe. The post Business Aviation in Europe: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact appeared first on Universal® Operational Insight Blog.

    • Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on business aviation
      by Universal on July 10, 2020 at 14:10

      Special quarantine and health inspection procedures have been enforced in China and other locations in Asia and around the world in an attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Extra planning and precaution is required if you are planning a trip to China and Asia. The post Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on business aviation appeared first on Universal® Operational Insight Blog.