PFM Integrated with Universal Trip Support and Feasibility-IQ®

Enhance your PFM Subscription with Universal

Universal has two powerful integrations with PFM (Professional Flight Management) to streamline your mission planning.

Mission Integration

Push your mission details, crew/pax manifest data, and other related information from PFM directly to the uvGO® Mission Management Platform and Universal® Trip Support for mission support.

Feasibility-IQ® Integration

Access Universal’s international mission planning intelligence directly within PFM. Quickly assess if a trip is feasible, what the requirements are to execute it, and what services are available.

Mission Integration

Feasibility-IQ Integration

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“It’s like having a trip support expert with me to answer any question that my passengers or I have about a location – like entry requirements, operating procedures, ground intel, estimated turn times, and more. It’s a real time-saver on international missions.”

Part-91 Captain


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