Scheduling and Flight Planning Integrations

Aviation Scheduling Software Integrations

Professional Flight Management

Professional Flight Management is the Premier Flight Operations Management System for Corporate, Private and Managed Flight Departments. Users can push trip details (crew and passenger manifest data) from PFM to uvGO and Universal® Trip Support.

FL3XX Logo

FL3XX is a complete aviation management solution for charter sales, dispatch, and crew. FL3XX subscribers can push their mission details and related information directly to uvGO and Universal® Trip Support for mission support.

The BART scheduling software system, a product of Portside, Inc., provides intuitive web-based scheduling and operations software for charter and corporate flight departments. BART subscribers can push their mission details directly into Feasibility-IQ and get access to real-time planning intelligence for their business aviation trips.

Datalink and Connectivity Services Integrations

Honeywell Forge

Honeywell Forge is a connectivity solution that uses advanced data analytics to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of in-flight connectivity, flight planning, and optimization, and flight database services on a single seamless platform. Users can automatically sync data elements from uvGO and Universal® Trip Support into their Honeywell Forge Dashboard, as well as push Universal-generated flight plans to their Honeywell Forge-connected aircraft.

Satcom Direct

FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) provides secure, cost-effective datalink communications with a variety of configurable features and value-added services within uvGO. Customers can see FDF position reporting and messaging within uvGO, as well as push Universal-generated flight plans to FDF-enabled aircraft.

ARINCDirect datalink subscribers can push Universal-generated flight plans to their FMS.

Flight Planning Integrations

Aircraft Performance Group

APG’s Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance applications are integrated with Universal online flight planning through uvGO.

Aviation Manuals

Mutual subscribers of Universal® online flight planning and ARC can complete a Flight Risk Assessment following a flight plan calculation.

Scott IPC

Scott Plot users can push self-generated and Universal TSS- generated flight plans directly into Scott Plot for transoceanic plotting.


LEADS® (Leading Environmental Analysis & Display System) provides uvGO users powerful meteorological information and  visualization capabilities.

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