Ground Transportation

    The right vehicle. When and where you need it. That’s just the start.

    A perfectly planned and executed mission can be tarnished if the ground transportation doesn’t meet passenger or crew expectations. Late arrivals, the wrong size vehicle, uninformed drivers, and bad information are all risks that can adversely impact mission success – and create unnecessary stress. With Universal Private Transport, you can arrange VIP ground transportation anywhere in the world and be confident that when plans change, your ground transport will change with it seamlessly.

    Experience a better approach to private transportation

    More experience with business aircraft travel than any other company

    A ramp-side pickup. A last-minute schedule change. The highest of expectations. As a joint venture of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. and FAM International, we understand the needs of business aircraft crew and passengers like no other private transportation company.

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    Proactive scheduling adjustments

    An unplanned excursion. Extra passengers and luggage. Every change has a ripple effect. We’ve reduced the risk and stress that comes with this. When you make a change as part of business aircraft trip through Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc., your ground transport changes with it—automatically.

    Easy communication options. For everyone.

    Make arrangements and changes via phone, e-mail, SMS, or online. Manage preferences for receiving confirmations, driver details, and updates for passengers and anyone else on your team.

    A central dashboard to track your transports.

    Not sure who’s picking you up? Trying to juggle managing multiple transfers? You can now view and manage all your transfers from our online dashboard. See your driver’s picture, name, contact information and get real-time distance to your destination and an ETA. Review your vehicle type and filter and view all upcoming bookings by flight type, tail number, passenger name or booking time. You can also view your notification history and request changes to your bookings.

    Highest quality vehicles

    Crew van or town car. New York or New Delhi. No matter the destination, we’ll secure you the best available option, and you’ll know exactly what you are getting well in advance.

    Licensed and insured professionals

    You do not want to end up in an unlicensed taxi—even if it is a Mercedes. All our providers are in compliance with local regulations for providing transportation services. In addition, since we specialize in business aviation, we carry better insurance coverage than a standard limo or taxi company.

    Discover a BETTER approach to private transportation

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