Who We Are

Our beginnings

Tom Evans

Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. was founded in 1959 by former Air Force meteorologist and network weatherman Tom Evans, who had a vision to provide a service no one else in the world ever had before – customized weather forecasting for business aviation. That initial vision would continue to grow over the following half century. As business aviation flourished and grew, we evolved adding new services and solutions to meet the changing and ever-growing needs of those who utilize business aviation, regardless of their base of operations or whether a trip is 300 or 3,000 miles.

Today, we have grown from our humble beginnings into a global business aviation trip management company with 47 locations in 19 countries and over 1,700 employees worldwide. And while we may have grown significantly, our primary focus has always been about one thing: making our clients' trips a success.

Actions speak louder than words

A lot of components go into trip management – from utilizing knowledge gained in pre-trip training and education opportunities to managing logistics during the trip itself to having access to tools that provide flexibility and options. The perfect plan can always change, and change again. Perhaps a passenger's visa has expired. Or your schedule changes en route. Or there is a medical emergency, prior or even during a trip. Or you require assistance with compliance or regulatory issues. Maybe you need a technological solution for your day-to-day workload, like scheduling software or an airport database. Regardless of what happens or what you need, you must keep your guarantees.

With Universal® as your partner:

  • You get practical solutions that leverage our global resources
  • You can manage the unexpected
  • You have immediate, viable solutions
  • You have options, regardless of the situation
  • You have access to tools to get the job done

Our Promise to our clients

In navigating a complex world, we are committed to accomplishing our shared purpose – the success of your trip. We empower our people to share your sense of urgency and exhaust our global resources to get the job done, enabling you to keep the guarantees you make to your organization.

More than words

Our promise goes way beyond words. It is who we are and what we can do for our clients. Every member of our global team understands their roles and the tremendous pressure our clients are under to deliver on the guarantees they have made to their organization. We are committed to serving as your partner and attacking your challenges with the highest sense of urgency. We will leverage every last one of our global resources, from our 1,700 employees around the world, to thousands of trusted suppliers, government, industry, and aviation officials we've developed relationships with over the last 55+ years. We're committed to acting as an extension of your flight department, providing you the additional support you need.

We hope this Web site serves as a valuable resource for you. We look forward to working with you and supporting you in any way we can.