Our Brands

It's all about mission success.

The story of our brands is a simple one. It’s always been about your success. We started with weather in 1959, and grew into trip logistics when our clients needed us to. Later, our clients asked for ways to reduce their fuel costs, ground support that focused on business aviation versus commercial, and more reliable in-flight catering—so that’s what we did, and we helped pioneer an industry.

Today, whether used together or standalone, each of our brands represents the different ways we support our clients in an ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated operating environment. And while these brands may appear different, they all work together to help operators overcome the unexpected, exceed the high expectations placed on them, and achieve mission success.

Explore our brands and discover how they can help you and your operation succeed.

Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

Often called just “Universal” or “UV”, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. is the name of our parent company and is best known for providing complete trip support services for business aviation. Our clients count on us to help them navigate ever-changing regulations worldwide, overcome the unexpected, and make every mission a success.

UVair® Fuel Program

UVair is the fueling division of Universal. Created in 1981, it was the first-ever contract fuel program for general and business aviation, helping operators reduce their overall fuel costs. Today, the UVair Fueling Card is carried by 19,500+ card holders and accepted at 5,000+ locations around the world. It serves a variety of operator types, including business aviation, commercial, government, and military.

Universal Aviation – Worldwide Ground Support

In the late 1970s, Universal established its first international ground handling locations, which would later become the Universal Aviation® worldwide ground support network. Today, Universal Aviation has 50+ FBO and ground support locations in 20+ countries, and is known for delivering an experience on the ground that exceeds expectations.

Air Culinaire Worldwide

Recognizing the critical importance that in-flight catering plays in the success of a mission, Universal acquired Air Chef Holdings, LLC in 2011. Today known as Air Culinaire Worldwide, our 23 owned-and-operated kitchens serve 133 airports across the United States, United Kingdom, and France. Combined with our network of associate catering partners, we can deliver a total in-flight catering experience that is simple and enjoyable across 1,800+ airports worldwide.

UVair FBO Network

In 2012, EPIC® Aviation, LLC. and the UVair® Fuel Program, the fueling division of Universal, came together to create the UVair FBO Network – a network of premier, independently-owned FBO partners across North America, dedicated to delivering what business aircraft operators need most on the ground: comfortable spaces, consistent service, and confidence in knowing what to expect when they land. All UVair FBO Network locations meet the strictest standards for facilities, operational safety and customer service.

Universal Private Transport

Ground transportation is a critical component for both passengers and crew on any trip. A late arrival, the wrong size vehicle, or badinformation can ruin the mission. Launched in spring 2016 to mitigate these risks, Universal Private Transport– a wholly-owned Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. company – provides global ground transportation services for business aircraft operators. Universal Private Transport empowers users with the ability to track reservations, changes, confirmations, driver details and movements in one centralized location, reducing stress and eliminating surprises.

A2G Concierge

Created in 2016, Air2Ground Concierge (A2G) is a global concierge network dedicated to ensuring the success of our clients’ missions at their destination—by offering a high-touch level of service focused on the passenger and crew, beyond that of what is typically received from the ground handler. A2G is exclusively available on missions coordinated by Universal® Trip Support Services.

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