Mexico: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on Business Aviation

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August 26, 2020

General Restrictions for US Pax:

  • Can US Pax operate: Yes.
  • Types of flights allowed include: Business, Leisure / Tourism, Tech Stops.
  • Test or forms required for entry: Health form.
  • Quarantine Details: No quarantine requirements.
  • Please refer to your Universal Team for additional travel requirements.
General Restrictions:

No current restrictions or bans for Crew/Pax other than people who have tested positive for COVID-19. Flights are classified as essential and not essential: Not essential flights include:  Vacations, tourism, etc. Essential flights include: Ambulances, repatriation flights, Tech stop (local AFAC Previous authorization is required).

Tests are not required for entry into Mexico. COVID-19 test results are not required prior or on arrival.

However, an online or hardcopy COVID-19 Health assessment form is required on arrival/departure. Mexican authorities will request them upon arrival. Link to form can be found here:

14 day quarantine at residence may be necessary.  Must wear mask, gloves and practice social distancing.

Medical certificates and pilot license validities are extended until 31-Dec.

Restrictions on non-essential travel for USA/Canada/Mexico land borders has been extended until Sept 21, 2020.

Special Considerations: For G/A Aircraft traveling to Mexico for vacations (non-essential) flights, here are some recommendations:

1. Many tourist businesses (i.e. hotels, restaurants, beaches, parks, bars, etc.) are still closed or restricted.

2. All airports of entry are operating, many on a reduced schedule.  It is important to check airport schedules prior to traveling to Mexico.  Approval will have to be obtained by the local airport manager.

3. There is a questionnaire form to be completed and signed by each crew member and passenger arriving at any airport, on a domestic or international flight.  Temperature checks are conducted.  If someone is at 38 degrees C or above, they will be quarantined and the rest of the Pax and Crew may not be able to enter the country.

Once the crew and passengers deplane there will be a Sanity agent that will ask them for their form (questionnaire) and then the next procedure will be applied to each one of them: It is highly recommended for crew and passengers to wear safe masks during all the time they are in the airport during customs and immigration clearances.

*Visual inspection of the crew member or passenger. The officer on duty will look for COVID19 symptoms: Shortness of breath, sneezes, cough with phlegm, flu, fever.

*The questionnaire will be checked so it can be accepted by the officer on duty preforming this step, if this is incorrect, it will have to be filled and signed again.

*The officer on duty will check the current body temperature of the passenger or crew member and if fever of 38°C or over it is detected, this person will be separated from the group to be checked by a doctor in order to determine if the crew member or passenger is infected with the virus or not. If so the individual will be put on quarantine or hospitalized.

If an operator will perform a flight carrying a passengers or crew member infected or suspicious of being infected with COVID19 symptoms have to inform with as much time of anticipation so we can inform the local authorities about it and they can be able to accommodate their special protocols of contingency to perform the in or outbound clearances.

The questionnaire is required only for international flights (Arrivals and Departures).

This document is became active the first day of August 2020 and there is not a date for its expiration. The AFAC and MEX transport medicine are the only two dependencies capable to modify, update and cancel this mandatory regulation.

Passenger Restrictions: Passengers must fill out Identification of Risk Factors in Travelers questionnaire and submit to temperature screening at the airport. Anyone suspected of having COVID-19 will be sent for further screening with a medical professional and could possibly be quarantined. Crew/PAX cannot disembark during tech stop.

Crew Restrictions: Crew must fill out Identification of Risk Factors in Travelers questionnaire and submit to temperature screening at the airport. Anyone suspected of having COVID-19 will be sent for further screening with a medical professional.  Crew Rest in hotel is dependent on each stations management and availability of hotels. Crew rest on aircraft is going to depend on the type of flight and finally to the local authorities’ criteria.

ICAO Specific Information:
  • MMSL – Vacation Flights and non-essential operations are allowed. Operating hours are from 0600 to 2000 LCL, including customs and immigration services. Overtime is available, but must be requested at least 2 hours prior to airport closure. Hotels available: Medano Suites and Holiday Inn Express.
  • MMSD – Hours of operation are 0700 to 2100 LCL. Customs and immigration is available upon request according to our local vendor. Hotels are expected to be open with reduced capacity. NO OT AVAILABLE
  • MMTP – Hours of operation are 0700 to 2100 LCL.
  • MMUN – Hours of operation are 24/7.  Not all hotels or resorts are fully opened yet.  It is recommended that Crew and Pax book hotels in advance to ensure availability
  • MMAA all hotels are closed.
  • MMZH all hotels are closed.
  • MMCZ Current operational hours are from 0700L-2100L; overtime available for Ambulance Flights only. COVID-19 service will be provided if there is a previous user request received and approved before 0100 UTC by AFAC/CZM.

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