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Asia-Pacific Region: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on Business Aviation

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Asia & Pacific Region COVID-19 Flight Restrictions


May 28, 2020

Restriction expiration: May 29, 2020

General Restrictions: Below passenger restrictions apply to Australian citizens, residents and immediate family. All other foreign nationals are still not allowed entry.

Passenger Restrictions: International arrivals. Beginning 2359 AEDT 28 March 2020 all people entering Australia will be required to undertake their mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities (for example, a hotel), in their port of arrival. Travelers will be transported directly to designated facilities after appropriate immigration, customs and enhanced health checks. Designated facilities will be determined by the relevant state or territory government and will ordinarily be in the city of entry where the traveler has cleared immigration, but facilities in other areas may be used if required.

International Departures. On 24 March 2020 the Prime Minister announced that effective from 1200 hrs 25 March 2020 all Australian citizens and permanent residents will be prohibited for travel out of Australia unless exempted.

Exemptions: The following travelers are exempt from the ‘outbound’ travel restrictions:

  • Persons ordinarily resident in a country other than Australia.
  • Persons whose travel is associated with essential work at offshore facilities.
  • Persons engaged in the day to day conduct of outbound and inbound freight.
  • Persons travelling on official Government business and members of the Australian Defense Force (ADF)
  • Airline and maritime crew and associated safety workers.

Crew: Airline crew (including medevac crew) are exempt from the travel restrictions provided the appropriate personal protective equipment is utilized during the journey and in public spaces (including airports), and the crew member is not displaying any symptoms. This includes off-shift crew who are travelling as passengers on an aircraft to reposition at another location. The same process is to be followed for this cohort as on-shift crew. ​Crew can rest at an airport or off-airport hotel. 

Domestic Travel:

  • Domestic border restriction due to the Coronavirus is in place for non-essential travellers.
  • All non-essential travellers cannot travel interstate and must stay within their own home state.
  • Any travellers returning to their home state will be required to self-isolate/quarantine for 14 days.
  • Essential travellers (e.g. healthcare, emergency, defence personnel, air and ship crew and essential freight workers) will not be required to self-isolate/quarantine and are permitted to travel.

Special considerations: The following is important for crew who may be flying into Australia and whom may require crew rest. 29 March the National Cabinet agreed to further limit most indoor and outdoor non-essential gathering to two people. Rules on essential gatherings are also in place.

Persons are to stay within their home/place of stay unless:

  • Going to work or education (if you are unable to do so at home)
  • Shopping for essential supplies such as groceries, return home without delay
  • Going out for personal exercise in the neighbourhood, on your own or with one other
  • Attending medical appointments or compassionate visits


June 1, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 15, 2020.

General Restrictions: Authorities in Bangladesh have extended a nationwide shutdown through June 15 to stem the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 

As we have been informed earlier from our CAA that, due to the COVID-19 situation our local airlines are imposed with limited number operations. For such reasons, our CAA is short of parking space on these days. For this, our CAA issues only landing permits for fueling. Our CAA have implemented some rules and regulations for the issuance of any landing permit for Refueling and Tech stop, Ground Handling in this Pandemic situation.

Under the control measure, international and domestic commercial passenger flights, except those between Bangladesh and mainland China, remain suspended. Flights Bahrain, Bhutan, Hong Kong, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Maldives, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and UK shall not be allowed to land at any international airport of Bangladesh.

Passenger Restrictions: Any travelers who have been in the EU or Iran since March 1 2020 are barred from entering the country UFN. Foreign nationals arriving in Bangladesh will be required to provide a medical certificate (with an English translation) no older than 72 hours on arrival, indicating that they do not have COVID-19 symptoms. Self-isolation for 14 days is still required after arrival. Persons arriving with a No Visa Required (NVR) certificate and without a medical certificate will be quarantined for 14 days. Persons with both documents will also be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Other Type of Flights Allowed:

CAA Bangladesh Approved Humanitarian / MEDEVAC / Repatriation Flights

Tech Stop Details: Crew and Pax must stay onboard (For refueling and other ground services one of the crew can come out of the aircraft for coordination).

Special Considerations: Aircraft sanitization certificate or declaration is mandatory for applying for the landing permit.

Additionally, please note that any special flight would like to operate through a diplomatic channel (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) that can be well-taken care on the ground, as our CAA is not allowing any general category flight. 

*Also Note that, Visa On Arrival facility has been suspended until further notice due to this pandemic situation.

ICAO Specific Information: Please refer to your Universal Team for additional specifics.


May 28, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 16, 2020.

General Restrictions: There is no restriction for the aircraft to operate into Brunei to drop Bruneian national. Please be informed that effective 24th March 2020, Brunei Government has restricted entry from all foreign nationals, including transit passengers until further notice as precautionary measure to prevent further importation of COVID-19 into Brunei.
Special consideration can be given by the Brunei National Immigration and Registration Department, however, subject to matter of interest to the country.

Restriction expiration: Until further notice.

Passenger Restrictions: Until further notice, the government has banned Bruneian nationals from leaving the country, except for medical emergency or resuming studies. All people who are still able to enter Brunei, such as returning citizens, will need to isolate themselves at their place of residence for two weeks upon arrival.

Exceptions include: 1. Red Cross, 2. MEDEVAC, 3. Emergency, 4. Military, 5. Cargo Flights.

Crew: There is no issue for the crew to stay overnight after operating the flight to bring the Bruneian back to this country. However, during their stay in WBSB, all crews regardless of nationality, is required to self-isolate which mean that they are allow to stay overnight in WBSB but they must remain stay in the hotel room and refrain from any outside activities.

Tech Stop Details: No restrictions provided all Crew and Pax stay onboard. No restrictions on Crew resting in the aircraft during the tech stop.
Special Considerations: The Brunei National Immigration and Registration Department requested the handling agent (GLAMCO) to fill up the “Special Entry Application Form to Brunei Darussalam (Form B)” which can be obtained from the National Immigration and Registration Department website.

The supporting documents that required to be submitted along with the form are as follows:

  1. Valid copy of passport
  2. Latest exit/entry endorsement on passport
  3. Visa application (if required)
  4. Confirmed flight ticket to Brunei Darussalam and return (if relevant)
  5. Documents to support requirement to enter; and/or supporting documents from relevant agencies in Brunei Darussalam

The form applies to both crew and passengers arriving into Brunei and the application must be submitted at least 07 working days prior to the arrival.

ICAO Specific Information: Brunei International Airport will be closed daily from 1730Z until 2359Z.


May 28, 2020

​General Restrictions: Authorities in Cambodia are banning interprovincial and inter-district travel nationwide UFN, to stem the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Officials are closing district and provincial borders to transport, though exceptions are in place for air transportation.  The border checkpoints with Vietnam are still closed as of 5/7/2020.


Passenger Restrictions: Cambodia has lifted entry restictions for foreign nationals traveling from Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the US.  Foreign citizens arriving from Iran are still banned. Issuance of tourist visas and e-visas, visa-on-arrival services, and visa exemption remain suspended.  Foreign nationals intending to visit Cambodia will need to obtain a visa from their nearest Cambodian diplomatic mission. The foreign citizens are to provide documentation of medical insurance worth at least USD 50,000 along with a medical certificate from local health authorities stating they have not tested positive for COVID-19. The affected travelers are to obtain the health document within 72 hours before the date of the trip. The medical certificate and insurance requirements do not affect diplomatic and official visa holders, including employees of international non-government organizations. Cambodia has also closed all border checkpoints with Vietnam and banned cross-border travel for Cambodian and Vietnamese citizens.

Upon entering the Kingdom of Cambodia, all travelers, will be accompanied to a reception center for COVID-19 testing and will be asked to stay there until results arrive. If one or more travelers test positive, other acompanying Pax will be quarantined at government facilities for 14 days. If travelers test negative, they will be allowed to self-isolate for 14 days at their homes under the supervision of the local authorities and health officials.  They are required to take a COVID-19 test on the 13th day of the self-isolation.

Pax can transfer from private jet to commercial flight to China, but the private aircraft must depart after commercial flight (no problem with US registered aircraft,). Any issue that may cause Pax to not take the commercial flight, the private aircraft has to take the Pax back since Pax and crew has been to a restricted country such as US and is not allowed to enter Cambodia.

Air operators are not allowed to carry any Pax with a confirmed positive test of COVID-19 into the Kingdom of Cambodia.  If ther is a case, the full responsibilities must rest that air operators to carry the Pax back to his/her original destination.

Tech Stop Details: Restrictions do not apply to air operator’s crew

Special Considerations: Air Operators are not allowed to carry any passenger with confirmed positive COVID-19 test. If they do, the operator is fully responsible for repatriating the passenger back to their original destination. 

ICAO Specific Information: Please refer to your Universal Team for additional specifics.

China (Mainland)

May 20, 2020

Restriction expiration: Until further notice

General Restrictions: **If the flight plan is a regular business flight, the FLIGHT PLAN must be submitted TWO WORKING DAYS prior to the flight operation along with the CDC reception letter. Ferry flights can follow existing procedures for submitting flight plans.  Also, China is streamlining the process for Chinese and Foreign Airlines to gain the required approval to operate scheduled cargo flights. CAAC requires the Pax Manifest be included in the CDC letter to apply landing permit. CDC Letter instructions and example are available.

A ban on all nonresident foreign nationals from entering the territory remains in place indefinitely. Travelers from Macau, Taiwan, and mainland China may enter Hong Kong, provided they have no recent travel history elsewhere. Several countries have imposed precautionary restrictions on travelers from Hong Kong.

Officials will also allow “fast track” entry for business travelers from South Korea to 10 Chinese locations from May 1, though flights are only operating to Shanghai and Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Anhui provinces as of April 30. Passengers must have an invitation from a Chinese business to qualify for entry. Approved travelers will have to undergo testing in South Korea within 72 hours of travel and undergo testing again during a one or two-day quarantine in China.

From 01 May, for Foreign Operators who are not holders of CCAR-129 Operation Specification, if the applicant operates more than 10 flights during 12 consecutive months in China, it will require not only the embassy letter, but also the following items:

Operation Specification:

  1. Runway performance analysis for the destination airport and alternate airport;
  2. Statement on flight crew having effective access to necessary operational documents (dispatch release, NOTAM, weather information, etc.)
  3. Statement on having already submitted the application for initial CCAR-129 operation certification or Operation Specification revision.

In addition, during 30 calendar days counting from the date of the issuance of exemption for the 11th flight, the operator is still able to submit the application for other trips, but if over that time , operator must provide the CCAR-129 Operation Specification, otherwise CAAC won’t proceed the permit application.

Regarding CCAR-129, please find below link for your reference:


Restrictions vary by Airport, so please consult with your Universal Team.

Passenger Restrictions: Starting from 00:00 AM of 28Mar, only those who hold diplomatic, service, courtesy or C visas will be allowed entry to China mainland, regardless of the issue date of the visas.  Other type of visa issued BEFORE 27 Mar will be on the suspension of entry list. Those who obtain visas after 27 Mar, as Chinese embassies are still issuing visas for those who might need humanitarian needs, etc., can gain entry to China mainland regardless of their visa type.

Chinese authorities continue to ease movement restrictions in Hubei Province as of March 30 amid decreasing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases. Authorities have lifted travel bans in areas outside of Wuhan, the provincial capital. While inbound travel to Wuhan has resumed, outbound travel from the city is scheduled to remain banned until April 8. Except for Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (WUH), other civilian airports in the province have resumed domestic flights as of March 30.

Pax will be quarantined at the government-designated hotel for 14 days.

Crew Restrictions: Crew rest available on aircraft for a period no more than 5 hrs. Crew will be quarantined at the government-designated hotel for 14 days.

Tech Stop Details: Allowed, Crew/Pax may not leave the aircraft. Fuel, Lav, and water service is available.

ICAO Specific Information:

  • ZBAA – Cargo Flights
  • ZYTX – Allowing International Pax Flights

Please refer to your Universal Team for additional specifics.

Considering a COVID-19 humanitarian cargo mission into China? We can help. Learn more. >

French Polynesia

June 2, 2020

Restriction expiration: May 31, 2020

General Restrictions: The French Polynesia border is closed.

Passenger Restrictions: Self quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

Crew: Self quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

Tech Stop Details: Only for fuel is permitted. No Crew rest is allowed.


May 15, 2020

Restriction expiration: May 31, 2020

General Restrictions: Passengers and airline crew who have been in China (People’s Rep.), Iran, Italy, Spain or in Cheongdo County and Daegu City in Korea (Rep.) in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter Fiji. – This does not apply to nationals of Fiji.
Passengers and airline crew who have been in China (People’s Rep.), Iran, Italy , Spain or Korea (Rep.) in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter Fiji. – This does not apply to nationals of Fiji.
Country Website Contact Fiji – For latest updates.

Health Checks required. Quarantine checks for onboard clearance done on arrival. Clearance stamped from inbound port on GenDec required.

Passenger Restrictions: As for foreign crew and passengers, a 28 day quarantine period applies.

Crew:  As for foreign crew and passengers, a 28 day quarantine period applies.  Crew Rest / Overnight not permitted.

ICAO Specific Information:

  • NFFN – Now operational 1800z-0800z. Special approval is required from CAA to operate beyond these times.


May 29, 2020

Restriction expiration: Until further notice

General Restrictions: Crew only flights directly from Mainland China are allowed into PGUM. Those flights must operate directly into a Port Of Entry.  PGUM is accepting flights from Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan.

Passenger Restrictions: All Crew (staying longer than 24 hours) and all passengers staying on Guam must complete a Guam Health Declaration and will be subject to DPHSS screening BEFORE clearing CIQ. Passengers must present an official health certificate issued within the last 72 hours. Passengers with valid Health Declaration can stay where they desire but must self-quarantine. If health certificate is older than 72 hours, the passenger must submit to a quarantine period in a designated hotel for 14 days or the length of their stay, whichever is shorter. 

Crew: Deadheading Crew/Positioning Crew into PGUM: In order to be recognized by the DPHSS as Crew Member. Crew Members positioning into Guam on a commercial carrier must be listed on the Carrier’s General Declaration.

Crew members must sign a voluntary quarantine letter acknowledging they will be subject to DPHSS random inspections during their self-quarantine. Crew members may stay where they desire, for their duration of stay. 

Crew Rest: Flight Crew, Dead Headers and Jump Seaters are NOT require to have a Health Certificate to crew rest at PGUM. Though, all crew members must be listed on the General Declaration.

Those listed on the General Declaration must qualify as a Crew Members.

Those that DO NOT qualify as a Crew Member, must be listed on a Passenger Manifest.

All passengers must possess a Health Certificate as stated below.

Tech Stop Details: PGUM is allowing fuel stops without health screening.  Tech stops are allowed for refueling up to 1 hour. Crew are allowed off aircraft to complete visual checks and walk around. Passengers are not allowed off aircraft at all. If any passengers step off the aircraft, they will be subject to DPHSS screening, and must possess a Health Certificate. There are no exemptions to this rule. International Trash and Lavatory services are unavailable.

For Tech or Fuel stops, we are encouraged to avoid servicing the lavatory or accept international trash. Aircraft RONs can have those services. 

Special Considerations

ICAO Specific Information: 

PGUM – Airfield and CIQ is open 24/7. Ground handling and ground transportation are available. RON parking is available.

Hong Kong

June 1, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 30, 2020.

  1. All non-Hong Kong residents coming from overseas countries and regions by plane will be denied entry to Hong Kong.
  2. Non-Hong Kong residents coming from the Mainland, Macao and Taiwan will be denied entry to Hong Kong if they have been to any overseas countries and regions in the past 14 days.
  3. All travelers from Macau and Taiwan, including Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong residents, will be subject to a compulsory quarantine for two weeks (14-days). These are the same restrictions as people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland.

Crew Restrictions: As of May 5, the latest information from the Port of Health Division Hong Kong, all crew members including pilots are now strongly encouraged to conduct COVID-19 testing upon arrival in Hong Kong at Temporary Specimen Collection Centre (TSCC), Asia-World Expo. They are allowed to leave the TSCC after drop off their deep throat saliva sample without the need to wait for the results there.  Air Crews are exempted from the above measures.  Crew are required to undergo Medical Surveillance (Require Self Isolation at Home/ Hotel, Check body temperature & Wear Mask).

ICAO Specific Information:

Instructions from Airport Authority Hong Kong regarding the resumption of Transit/Transfer Operations at HKIA

Air-air Transit/Transfer of passengers by business jet at Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH/HKG) have resumed with effect from 1 June 2020. Aircraft operators/agents are asked to implement precautionary measures for passengers and staff including:

  1. All passengers arriving in Hong Kong shall have gone through body temperature screening before boarding the flight at the out port. Passengers with body temperature above normal shall not be allowed boarding.
  2. All passengers shall have undertaken health declarations before boarding. Please refer to the attached for sample questions of the health declaration.
  3. Aircraft operators/agents shall only accept check-in and boarding of transfer passengers who will be accepted for entry at their final destination. Since non-Hong Kong residents will not be permitted to enter into Hong Kong, it is important for aircraft operators/agents to strictly follow this measure to avoid any passengers being stranded at HKIA.
  4. Announcement(s) shall be made to update passengers of the latest arrangements for arrival and transfer/transit at HKIA.
  5. Measures shall be implemented to prevent the spread of virus, for examples, by requiring passengers to wear masks/face covering and provide sanitizers for passengers’ use.
  6. All passengers shall be reminded of the requirement to wear facemasks covering the nose and mouth upon arrival and at all times during their transfer/transit at HKIA.
  7. All passengers shall be reminded to rub their hands with sanitizers and disinfect their shoes on sanitizing mats upon disembarkation at the arrival gate.
  8. All transfer/transit passengers should proceed to the aircraft directly to minimize the time spent at other areas.
  9. Aircraft operators/agents should make necessary arrangement to segregate the seating and boarding of transfer/transit passengers from passengers departing from HKIA as far as practicable.

​New Implementation point 2 (All passenger from all destination, except China, Taiwan and Macau, will subject to the process at the Passenger terminal Building (Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport for commercial flight):

  1. i) Saliva sample collection
  2. ii) Health Checking by Port Health officer
  3. iii) Immigration clearance
  • -The entire process will be required to take around 2.5-3 hours; there is no fast queue for any individual. -Only hand carry baggage would be allowed to be carried along with the passenger to the Passenger Terminal Building. All checked baggage would be cleared by Customs at HKBAC, and to be collected by the passenger or his/her authorized person at HKBAC.
  • -For passengers with symptoms, they will be sent to the Asia World Expo (AWE, an Exhibition Centre next to the airport) for the virus test, the passenger will need to wait at the AWE until the testing result is available which may take a couple of hours (about 8 to 9 hours)

The aircraft handling agent / aircraft operator MUST take full responsibility to arrange onward GA/BA flights for any crew member(s) or passenger(s) who is / are being refused entry into Hong Kong. Please be reminded to make necessary arrangement to accommodate the concerned travellers by your aircraft as temporary staging before the onward departure as no facility is available at the apron for travellers to use under this situation. Taking commercial flights to leave Hong Kong is NOT permitted, as the person in questions cannot be transferred to the Passenger Terminal for commercial flights.​


June 1, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 30, 2020.

General Restrictions: India has opened its skies on May 25th, 2020 for domestic operations (airlines and GA) with limited flights.

Non-scheduled movements are now allowed into India; however, only for Indian’s or Overseas Citizens of India (OCI). All Indians stranded abroad can now travel to India with certain guidelines.  For the outbound leg from India, Pax can either be foreigners or Indian Nationals who are permanent residents of another country.

​Effective June 1, India will allow Indian Citizens coming from different locations (like Europe and the US) on Repatriation Flights.  Indian Citizens holding a US Green Card can now travel outside of India to the US.

Passenger Restrictions: Other countries are in talk with Indian government to evacuate their nationals who are stuck in India but no confirm plans as of now. In short, no charter flight can operate from India until further notice.  All incoming travelers, including Indian nationals, arriving from or having visited mainland China, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, South Korea, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Spain on or after Feb. 15 are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine at home or in a medical facility; all other travelers are advised to self-isolate for two weeks. Travelers that have visited Italy and South Korea will also need to provide a certificate of having tested negative for COVID-19 from an authorized facility. Passenger flights remain suspended until at least June 30. Authorities are advising Indian nationals to delay all nonessential international travel. Indian officials are maintaining a ban on travelers from Afghanistan, the EU, the European Free Trade Association, Malaysia, Philippines, Turkey, and the UK; authorities have barred airlines from boarding India-bound passengers from the aforementioned countries.

Crew Restrictions: Crew is not allowed to stay. Suggest using Dubai for Crew Rest.

Special Considerations: If a client does intend to operate a flight to India before May 17th, 2020, for the purpose of evacuation, fuel stop or crew rest, the client will have to seek a special approval from their respective consulate general / embassy in India.



June 2, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 30, 2020

General Restrictions: Temporarily prohibiting foreigners from entering or transiting within territory of Indonesia.

Exceptions: Holders of Temporary Stay Permit and Permanent Stay Permit, Holders of Dip Visa or Official visa, Holders of Dip Stay Permit and Official Stay Permit, aid workers, medical food humanitarian support, crew members, foreign expert workers.

Passenger Restrictions: Any one that enters must quarantine for 14 days and present a health certificate issued by health authorities from repective countries. Please ensure passenger does not exceed their stay permit or they may extend their visa to ensure no issues upon passport clearance on departure day.

Crew: Crew are allowed to proceed to their hotel for crew rest once they have been cleared by the airport health authority. Customs and immigration clearance will be done inside the General Aviation Terminal. Health Certificate is required for crew issued within 7 days of arrival. GENDEC also required with stay permitted for 6 days. Their passport also must have minimum 6 months validity from date of arrival.

Tech Stop Details: Full aircraft services are available.

Special Considerations: Yes, full service is available, fuel service will be by national fuel provider PT Pertamina, and we can provide lav/water service upon crew request.  Catering service with halal food can be arranged, we normally request 24 hours prior departure time order confirmation to ensure all order are available. Crew also may have the meal/catering arranged with their hotel.

ICAO Specific Information:
  • WATT – AD Hours 2200 to 0800
  • WADL – AD Hours 0100 to 0700
  • WAAA – AD Hours 2200 to 1100
  • WAPP – AD Hours 2200 to 0600


May 25, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 30, 2020

General Restrictions: All persons who are exempt from the No-Entry restrictions listed below arriving from ANY country will be quarantined at the location designated by a quarantine station chief for 14 days and will retrain from using public transportation. All persons who have stayed in the countries listed below must also take PCR test as well in accordance with the strengthened quarantine measure.

Passenger Restrictions: The following people are not allowed to enter Japan until further notice:

  1. Foreigners who have passports issued by Hubei Province and Zhejiang Province in the People’s Republic of China
  2. Foreigners who embarked on THE WESTERDAM CRUISE departed from Hong Kong
  3. Foreigners who have stayed in the following countries within 14 days prior to arrival in Japan (Effective from April 3rd, 2020, until further notice). All persons who have visited the 87 target areas in the past 14-days prior to arrival in Japan must have a PCR test conducted in accordance with the strengthened Quarantine measure.
    *Afghanistan, Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cabo Verde, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Democratic Republic of Congo, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Finland, France, Gabon, Germany, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyrz Republic, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Republic of Maldives, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, Vatican, Vietnam.​

Flights from South Korea and China are only authorized to land at Narita Int Airport or Kansai Int Airport.

Crew Restrictions: It is possible that the Crew could be exempt from restrictions, however, exemptions are based on an interview process that takes place with a Immigration Officer. However, Immigration officers cannot guarantee or confirm in advance that crew can enter Japan or not.

Immigration officers will need to interview the crew and inspect their travel history, confirmed outbound flight etc. upon arrival.

Then the Chief Immigration officer will decide permission to enter or not. It would take some time, possibly a few hours.PCR test is also required.

If approved to enter the country, Crew can stay at a hotel, but must self-quarantine for the length of stay at the hotel.

Crew may rest on board without clearing CIQ. However it cannot be confirmed in advance. We must inform CIQ well with detailed schedule/crew information.

Above restriction will be applied to all people regardless of whether he/she is crew or passenger. However, they do not need to stay for 14 days if they have confirmed outbound flight. They can leave at their earliest schedule.

At this moment there are no specific document that enable crew to enter in Japan. US test for COVID-19 is not effective as a proof in Japan unfortunately.

ICAO Specific Information:

  • RJAA – Could be an option for crew rest, however we cannot say it’s possible for certain, for each operation we must double check to local authorities with detailed flight schedule.
    Please refer to your Universal Team for additional specifics.


May 29, 2020

​General Restrictions: Authorities in Kazakhstan have extended the nation’s state of emergency and all related restrictions until further notice as part of their efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Each flight is coordinated on an individual basis depending on the status of the pax, pax number, airport of departure and the traveling history of the pax. 

Exemptions for foreign nationals to enter Kazakhstan include airline employees and their family members, but documents are required proving that status.

Passenger Restrictions: Strict quarantine measures that were imposed earlier remain in force in a number of cities and regions nationwide, including Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent, Aktau, Karaganda, Shakhtinsk, Saran, Temirtau, Abay, Atyrau, Kostanay, Aktobe, Pavlodar, Mangystau, Kyzylorda, Taraz, North Kazakhstan, and East Kazakhstan. Additionally, the government has tightened the quarantine and other precautionary measures in Kyzylorda Region. Kazakhstan closed its borders and declared a state of emergency March 15 following the first confirmation of COVID-19 cases in the country March 13. The move has effectively banned entry into the country, except for returning Kazakh citizens, diplomats, and those invited by the government; Kazakh citizens are also not allowed to leave the country. Individuals entering Kazakhstan from abroad will be held for two days for laboratory testing. Please be advised that governmental authorities (Sanitary Inspection) does not recognize COVID-19 testing conducted outside of the Kazakhstan to be valid on arrival. ​The restrictions do not apply to freight transport, though delays are likely at checkpoints due to increased checks.

Quarantine includes 48 hours at a government mandated facility, then 12 days home isolation in case of a negative test.

Crew Restrictions: Cabin crew are being monitored remotely if they stay more than one night. Pilots are not submitted to testing nor quarantined. Crew can rest at an off-airport hotel.

Tech Stop Specifics: No one may leave the aircraft. Some services are unavailable, must inquire with handler to assess availability.

ICAO Specific Information:

  • UASK – Closed except for State, Sanitary, Cargo Charters, JSC Kazaviaspas, and Regular Inbound Flights
  • UAAA – State, Sanitary, Cargo Charters, JSC Kazaviaspas, Tech Stops for Refueling, Ferry Flights, Passenger Charter, and Regular Inbound Flights
  • UATE – Transit, State, Sanitary, Cargo Charters, Ferry, Tech Stops for Refueling, and Approved Passenger Charters

Please refer to your Universal Team for additional specifics.


May 11, 2020

Restriction expiration: July 30, 2020

General Restrictions: Foreign nationals are indefinitely barred from entering the country.  Restaurants and cafes with capacities of greater than 50 people are closed indefinitely.

Passenger Restrictions: It is unclear whether foreign national residents of Kyrgyzstan will be able to reenter the country. Kyrgyz nationals returning from the following countries will be placed in a mandatory quarantine facility for 14 days: Afghanistan, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. The passengers & crew who have visited high risk epidemiological countries by the arrival will by checked by doctors on the aircraft and passed through the thermal imagers. Suspicious passengers will be quarantined for 14 days for observational events.


May 26, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 2, 2020.

General Restrictions: Authorities have suspended international passenger travel through May 18 to stem the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The government will allow foreigners already in the country to depart, while citizens can travel overseas for urgent reasons, such as essential government duties or medical purposes. Officials are allowing cross-border movement of goods, as long as transport workers comply with government regulations.

Visa issuance for all countries have been suspended through April 20; only persons who intend to visit Laos for non-tourism purposes can obtain visas by submitting relevant documents, including a health declaration form, to Lao diplomatic missions. Officials require overseas Lao workers returning to the country to undergo self-quarantine for two weeks. The government could expand restrictions in the coming weeks, particularly if COVID-19 activity increases in-country.

Restriction expiration: May 18, 2020.


May 29, 2020

General Restrictions: No foreign nationals are allowed to enter the country.

Passenger Restrictions

  • All residents of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who have been to other countries in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter Macau SAR.
  • All transit/transfer services from VMMC are suspended UFN.
  • All Macau SAR Residents (BIR holders) that have been in the Hong Kong SAR and the region of Taiwan or any other country during the 14 days prior to its entry will be quarantined in a designated hotel upon entering Macau SAR.
  • All foreign visitors that have been in Mainland China, the Hong Kong SAR or the region of Taiwan, or any country or region during the 14 days prior to its intended entry are prohibited from entering the Macau SAR.
  • All residents of Mainland China, the Hong Kong SAR and the region of Taiwan who have been in Hong Kong SAR or the region of Taiwan for the past 14 days will be quarantined in a designated hotel upon entering Macau SAR.
  • All residents of Mainland China, the Hong Kong SAR and the region of Taiwan who have NOT been in Hong Kong SAR, the region of Taiwan or any foreign country for the past 14 days but arrive from high-risk areas will be requested to attend mandatory medical tests upon entering Macau SAR.
  • Non-Resident workers (Blue Cards) are not allowed to enter Macau SAR.
  • All passengers arriving from Mainland China are required to present the nucleic acid certificate proving they tested negative for COVID-19 within the past seven days. 
  • All passengers seeking to travel to Macau by air transport should be reminded promptly that they are required to take a nucleic acid test for COVID-19 in advance at the local health authorities, and they must test negative in order to be allowed boarding. The test report should be issued within 7 days before boarding.
  • Carriage of passengers which are not entitled to enter the Macau SAR will be treated according to relevant regulation and at the Carrier’s liability.

Crew: Crew are not allowed to overnight at VMMC, but a turnaround flight is available.  Crew may rest on the aircraft (without clearing customs). If needed, crew must serve a mandatory 14-day quarantine at a Govt Mandated facility or Hotel.

Tech Stop Specifics: Not possible with Pax onboard.  Crew may leave during Tech Stop.  All normal services are available.



May 29, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 9, 2020

General Restrictions: Full ban – overseas travel for Malaysians. Those returning from overseas must undergo health screening and compulsory quarantine for 14 days in designated quarantine centre. Full ban – on tourists and foreign visitors including foreign crew entering Malaysia.
Foreigners with and without Malaysia residence can leave Malaysia.
Foreigners with and without Malaysia residence cannot enter/return to Malaysia.

Crew Restrictions: Foreign crew entering Malaysia during CMCO will be reviewed on case to case basis and subject to authorities approval. If allowed, crew must submit to COVID-19 testing upon arrival and mandatory 14 day quarantine at a designated hotel. Earlier release from quarantine is possible but subject to health check by Malaysia Health Ministry.  No crew rest options are available.

Tech Stop Details: Tech stop is allowed for crew & pax and they have to stay on board the whole duration of transit. Standard aircraft walk around check is permitted for crew.

All normal services are available.


May 29, 2020

Restriction expiration: May 31, 2020.

Officials continue to ban foreign nationals with recent travel history in China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Italy, France, Germany, the UK, along with North Gyeongsang Province, Daegu, and Busan in South Korea. Authorities have suspended visa-on-arrival issuance for all foreigners at all ports of entry, effectively banning most inbound travel by nonresident foreign nationals.

Officials have announced on 21 May the Maldives returning to the new normal. Highlights include:

  • Lockdown to be eased after May 28
  • Restrictive measures wil be eased under strict arrangements
  • COVID-19 free islands will resume normal operations
  • International Flights will begin in July
  • Resorts will be allowed to reopen in July

Passenger Restrictions: Foreign nationals planning on essential travel to the Maldives must contact the nearest Maldivian diplomatic mission for visa issuance after medical checks. Officials have advised Maldivian nationals to suspend all nonessential international travel. Maldivian citizens arriving from some countries, including the US, are quarantined at a designated facility for 14 days; those returning from other foreign countries will have to self-isolate for 14 days.  Foreign tourists already in the county cannot check into hotels or guesthouses across the Maldives; they must stay in resorts, where officials may enforce temporary movement and exit restrictions in the event of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases.



May 11, 2020

Restriction expiration: May 31, 2020

General Restrictions:

  1. Passengers are not allowed to enter Mongolia until 31 May 2020.
  2. This does not apply to nationals of Mongolia.
    – This does not apply to residents of Mongolia who are direct family members of a national of Mongolia.
  3. Nationals of Mongolia will be placed in quarantine for 14 days.
  4. Residents of Mongolia who are direct family members of a national of Mongolia will be placed in quarantine for 14 days.
ICAO Specific Information:
  • ZMUB – not available as ALTN for overflights exc. Emerg Flt due to COVID-19 infection prevention. Clsd for Intl Sked Flt due to COVID-19 Infection Prevention.


May 29, 2020

Restriction expiration: May 31, 2020

​General Restrictions: Officials have stopped all international flight, except for relief or cargo flights through May 31 and banned foreign nationals from entering through land border checkpoints. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also suspended visa issuance and visa-free travel to the country through May 31. Diplomats, UN Officials, and aircraft crew are exempt from Visa Restrictions.

Passenger Restrictions: No foreign nationals allowed. Officials will require returning Myanmar citizens and incoming foreigners with some exceptions to undergo a 21-day quarantine at government facilities and a subsequent one-week self-isolation.  Authorities are allowing diplomats and resident UN officials to self-quarantine at their residence.

Crew Restrictions: Crew must have Myanmar Visa prior to arrival in country by any means.

ICAO Specific Information: Please refer to your Universal Team for additional specifics.​

New Zealand

May 29, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 24, 2020.

​​​​General Restrictions: New Zealand will quarantine all returning travelers to the country from 2359 April 9, as the country continues to respond to a rise in coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases.

Passenger Restrictions: New Zealand continues to ban all foreign nationals from entering the country. The measure includes citizens of Pacific nations, who were previously excluded from travel restrictions; however, exceptions will continue for citizens from the region and other foreign nationals for humanitarian reasons. Resident Australian citizens, permanent residents, and resident visa holders with valid travel conditions, as well as their immediate family members, are exempt from entry restrictions. Staff are conducting health screenings of all incoming passengers. Officials will require inbound passengers to remain at government-designated facilities for 14 days. All arriving Pax will have to clear CIQ at International Terminal.

Crew Restrictions: Crew can rest at an airport or off-airport hotels, Starting Friday, 29 May, arriving aircrew are required to take a Health Assessment upon arrival. The aircrew will complete a COVID-19 Crew Health Form on arrival (in addition to the Crew Declaration Card already completed). This will ensure there is a record of the health check. For those crew who live outside New Zealand the name of their accommodation will need to be provided on the Form. This form should be retained by the health assessors in case the information is required at a later date.

Tech Stop Specifics: Possible with Pax onboard, but only crew can leave the aircraft. All normal services available.


May 30, 2020

Restriction expiration: May 31, 2020

General Restrictions: Government of Pakistan has decided to revise the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for International Passenger and Chartered Flights.  Operators must fully comply with the SOP and indictcate in writing when filing for request for authorization of any flight. This includes all Diplomatic, Special / Cargo flights and flights returning Pakistani Nationals with the proper approvals.

Pakistani authorities are permitting outbound international passenger flights from May 30. Inbound International Flights remain banned.

Passenger Restrictions: Passengers onboard any or all inbound flights shall be subject to thorough screening and 14-day quarantine as per the advice of the health professionals.​

Please refer to your Universal Team for additional specifics.



May 29, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 30, 2020

General restrictions: Palau has restricted all flights coming from Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong. Also all passengers or crew who have traveled through these countries within 14 days.

Papua New Guinea

April 8, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 6, 2020

General Restrictions: No incoming international flights are allowed. All Landing Permits issued for tech stops/medevac/itinerary flights before the State of Emergency have been/will be cancelled. Limited services to Singapore, Brisbane, and Cairns are available, primarily for cargo flights and passengers departing Papua New Guinea

Passenger Restrictions: Domestic flights have restarted on routes between
Port Moresby, Mt. Hagen, Lae, Madang, and Rabaul, with enhanced security and health screenings at airports.


May 21, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 10, 2020

General Restrictions: The government has suspended all visas, including visas that the government has already issued, and visa-free privileges, effectively banning foreigners from entering the country. The restriction exempts foreign spouses and children of Filipino citizens and diplomatic staff and their dependents. The measure also does not affect visa holders who are already in the Philippines. The government continues to prevent Filipino citizens, except for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and uniformed personnel on official duty, from departing the country. Domestic flights may be suspended in local areas. 

Please note that Philippines is still under a Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Diplomatic Flights require an invitation from the Philippine Government and Diplomatic Clearance. 

Crew and Passengers must complete the Health Declaration Card and Passenger Locator Form, both are available from your Trip Support Team. 

  • Luzon Island – Affected airport includes – Manila / RPLL, Clark / RPLC, Laoag / RPLI
  • Visayas Island – Iloilo/RPVI, Cebu/RPVM, 
  • Mindanao Island – Davao/RPMD
  • Due to current ECQ night curfew are also implemented from 1200-2100 UTC.

Passenger Restrictions: All Arriving Filipinos and Foreigners are required to undergo MANDATORY PCR testing and Quarantine.

Special Considerations: Local Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) are working on skeletal force. International Flights wishing to Land / Depart must request exemption with CAAP (OPCEN) at least 36 hours before Sked Dep from the AD of Origin. Landing Permit processing time is 72 hours prior to intended operation. CAAP has issued a Matrix of Flight Approval with required forms depending on the type of flight. Please contact your Universal Team for additional specifics.

ICAO Specific Information:
  • RPLL / NAIA – All domestic air arrivals and departures at the NAIA / RPLL will remain suspended. NAIA inbound international flight to be allowed on assigned days starting on May 11. Inbound Intl Chartered Flights will only be allowed to land on Mondays and Thursdays with clearance from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and CAAP for slotting purposes. Inbound Intl Scheduled Commercial Flights will be allowed on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun provided they secure approval from CAAP 48 hrs. before scheduled departure from airport of origin for the necessary slotting and rescheduling of flights in order to subscribe to the 400 passengers per day capacity of NAIA.
  • RPLC, RPVM, RPMD, & RPLI – All flight operations are temporary restricted except the following. International flight wishing to LAND/DEP must request exemption with CAAP (OPCEN) at least 36 hours before scheduled departure from their aerodrome of origin.
  • RPVI & RPVP – All flight operations are temporary restricted except the following. International flight wishing to LAND/DEP must request exemption with CAAP (OPCEN) at least 36 hours before scheduled departure from their aerodrome of origin. Airport hours of Operation 2200 to 1000 UTC.
  • RPVB – Airport hours of Operation 2200 to 1000 UTC.


May 30, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 27, 2020

General Restrictions: Singapore has implemented additional precautionary measures to further protect Singaporeans and reduce the risk of community transmission from imported cases of COVID-19. All travelers (residents and visitors) must submit an electronic Health Declaration Card before entering Singapore.  This is for both Pax and Crew and can be done online at: https://icaeservices.ica.gov.sg/sgarrivalcard/​

Passenger Restrictions:

1) Please note that returning SC/PR/LTP passengers who have travel history from ASEAN, France, India & Switzerland in the last 14 days will be sent to a dedicated SHN facility. This will take effect from 5 Apr, 2359LT.  All returning residents with travel history to Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, France, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Switzerland, Thailand, Viet Nam, the United Kingdom, or the United States in the last 14 days are required to serve their 14-day Stay-Home Notice at dedicated hotels. Please identify yourself to the officer at the arrival immigration counter upon arrival.

2) This is in addition to the measures that are currently in place for SC/PR/LTP with travel history to UK/US in the last 14 days. 

**Special note from UA Singapore: “if you would like to enter Singapore due to medical grounds, please contact your country’s embassy to appeal to Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) for the entry (the process will takes about 14-21 days). Once the approval is given, a MOH STV Wavier will be given and this is to be produce to airline staff at check-in at the point of departure, and to the ICA officer at the checkpoint upon arrival in Singapore.”

Crew: The following will take effect from 9 April 2020, 2359 hours.


  • All SC/PR/LTPHs returning crew from any country within the last 14 days will be required to Stay Home Notice (SHN) at Crowne Plaza Changi, they will no longer be able to SHN at place of residence.
  • All SC/PR/LTPHs crew with travel history to Hubei within the last 14 days – QO upon entry to Singapore


  • All foreign crew with travel history to any country within the last 14 days – NTL; do not disembark from aircraft.
  • ONLY WITH PRIOR APPROVAL FROM CAAS: SHN at Crowne Plaza only; crew out allowed within 14-day SHN period.
  • ONLY WITH PRIOR APPROVAL FROM CAAS: Pax out allowed upon completion of 14-day SHN; must depart immediately and not stay in Singapore

Turnaround Operations (including transit without clearing CIQ) encouraged – Crew Rest available onboard the aircraft.

Tech Stop Specifics: Not possible with Pax Aboard. No one can leave acft. All services available.

South Korea

May 21, 2020

Restriction expiration: Until further notice.

General Restrictions: All VISAs exemption entry into South Korea for 90 countries will be suspended as of 13 April, except USA, UK, Ireland and Mexico. For a list of these countries, please contact your Universal Team. 

All valid single/multiple short-term VISAs issued before 05 April, 2020 are suspended (As of April 13) (Exceptions : Long-term visa and short-term employment (C-4) visa). 

Passenger Restrictions: Authorities in Seoul require all inbound international passengers who arrive from Europe and USA to undergo COVID-19 tests upon arrival. All passengers entering South Korea will be quarantined for 14 days at a government facility or home. Exempt from Quarantine are A-1 Dips, A-2 Official Duties, A-3 Visa holders. Korean government will ban the entry into Korea of any foreigners who have visited Hubei Province in China within the past two weeks. Chinese nationals must now obtain a visa to travel to Jeju Island. TWOV is available except departing from mainland China (exceptions apply). Holders of a Hubei Province issued passport are restricted.

Pax allowed to enter Korea are from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and certain countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa.

  • All passengers coming from all countries are required to fill out Travel Record Declaration and should stay in the government-designated quarantine for 14-days at their own expense (about $100 per day).  All passengers from Europe and US will be tested during the quarantine process. During 14 days quarantine, if passenger want to depart from S.Korea, he/she will release from government facility and he/she have to leave from S.Korea.​
  • For exemption of 14 days quarantine
  • Necessary doc : Copy of passport, Travel Itinerary, Confirmation letter of hotel reservation, Invitation letter, medical certificate, written oath
  • Passengers who have an exemption letter from Korean embassy will be exempted 14 days quarantine upon arrival. 
  • Passengers depart from USA/EU have to be quarantined 1-2 days for COVID 19 test.  Passengers from EU and USA have to go to RKSI to take a COVID 19 test upon arrival.

Transit Pax do not require quarantine procedures.

Crew Restrictions: All Crews do not require quarantine and Visas. US Crews do NOT require COVID-19 tests. Crew can rest on the aircraft (without clearing customs), at an airport hotel or at an off-airport hotel.

Tech Stop Specifics: Stop with Pax allowed, but only crew may leave aircraft.

Special Considerations: Covid 19 tests take 8 hours, so if passengers arrive in the morning they will stay in the airport until they receive their results. For passengers arriving in the afternoon they will go to a government facility and wait for the result overnight until they are available in the morning.

If the mx crewmember arrives via commercial flight, they will be seen as a passenger unless they have an exemption letter from the Korean embassy in the US. Without the exemption, they will be viewed as a passenger and will have to undergo the Covid 19 tests and 14 days quarantine with all the other passengers. They will also NOT be able to access the aircraft to perform any maintenance during the 14 days.

If the mx crew member arrives on the commercial flight with the exemption letter in hand he will have to undergo the Covid 19 test with the other passengers, but will be released after the results are obtained. After that he can stay at the hotel outside the airport and can also access the aircraft with UBJET staff escort during his stay

If the mx crew member arrives on his company plane as a crew member, they will be able to stay at the hotel outside the airport and will not be under quarantine or subject to Covid 19 tests. They will also be able to access the aircraft to perform mx with UBJET staff escort.

ICAO Specific Information: Due to many commercial aircraft staying on the ground, overnight parking is limited at RKSI, hangar space at RKSS, and quick turnaround parking at RKSS and RKPC. If a trip is planned to these locations, please coordinate with handler to secure parking space.

All international flights for RKPC and RKPK have to fly to RKSI.  Aircraft will fly to RKPC or RKPK by ferry and depart by international flight.

Sri Lanka

May 26, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 2, 2020.

General Restrictions: Officials have also suspended all inbound international passenger flights indefinitely; however, cargo transport, passenger transit, and international departures will continue at the Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB). Officials had previously halted all international services at the Jaffna International Airport (JAF) – Sri Lanka’s only other functional international airport. While domestic flights are unaffected.

Restriction expiration: Until further notice.

Passenger Restrictions: All visas for foreign national are suspended and no new visas will be issued until further notice. Foreign Nationals who are already in Sri Lanka may stay and extend their visas through June 11.

ICAO Specific Information:

  • VCBI – Open for Cargo, Transport, Passenger Transit, and International Departures
    VCCJ – Closed UFN


May 27, 2020

Restriction expiration: Until further notice

General Restrictions: Authorities continue to ban international travelers from transiting airports on the island. An entry ban for foreign nationals also remains in place; however, exceptions are in place for foreign residents, diplomats, and business travelers executing contracts. Health officials continue intensified screenings for arriving passengers. Authorities are using thermal scanners at points of entry to monitor inbound passengers and are taking swab tests from passengers who display respiratory symptoms or fever. All arriving passengers, regardless of nationality or residency, must self-quarantine for 14 days. Passengers bound for Taiwan who do not accurately report their travel history could face fines of up to NTD 150,000 (USD 5,000).

Restriction expiration: Until further notice.

Passenger Restrictions: *Taiwan Citizens / Passport Holders, Holders of R.O.C. Taiwan Alien Residential Certificates, and Special Entry Permit Holders from any international port are allowed to enter Taiwan but must Home Quarantine for 14 days. *Any Foreign Nationals that have a Visa to enter can enter Taiwan but must Home Quarantine for 14 days. *Foreign Nationals without ROC or Visa, may NOT enter Taiwan.

Crew Restrictions: No Crew Rest options are available. Foreign crew without Taiwan ARC are not allowed to enter Taiwan. For those who have Taiwan ARC, a 14-Day quarantine is needed. 

Tech Stop Details: Allowed with Crew able to leave the aircraft for refueling, but not Pax. All services available normally.


May 30, 2020

Restriction expiration: June 30, 2020

General Restrictions: Thailand is under Curfew Situation 1600-2100 UTC and flight operations must also abide by these hours.

The ban on international passenger flights to Thailand will be extended from June 1 at 17.00 UTC to 30 June 2020 at 17.00 UTC.  All flight permits granted for such period will be cancelled.

The ban does not apply to:

  • state/military
  • emergency landing
  • tech stop with no disembarkation
  • humanitarian
  • medical or relief
  • repatriation
  • cargo flights.

The passengers on board the aircraft that are not banned will be subject to the measures under the “communicable disease” law, such as 14-day state quarantine, and the regulation under the Emergency Decree on State of Emergency.

Passenger Restrictions: No passengers are allowed entry into Thailand except Thai Nationals, persons exempted by the Prime Minister or Ministry of Foreign Affairs or persons on diplomatic or consular mission or persons performing governmental duties in Thailand. Certificate of Entry to be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required. Nationals of Thailand must have a letter from the Embassy with the “fit-to-fly” health certificate.  The passengers on board the aircraft leaving the airport of departure before the entry into force of the notification will be subject to 14-day quarantine under the contagious disease law and the regulation under the emergency decree on state of emergency.

Crew: All crews entering Thailand are required 14 days quarantine; they cannot operate the next departure flight before 14 days. Cargo operations are required to promptly exit after mission is complete. Fill out T8 before entry, Health Certificate is required, as well as Medical Insurance coverage of 100,000 USD.

Tech Stop Details: Tech stops are allowed with NO disembarkation. Overnight crew layover no longer allowed.

ICAO Specific Information:

VTSP: Closed 09APR20 – 15Jun20 with exceptions.


May 29, 2020

Restriction expiration: August 22, 2020.

General Restrictions: As of 12:00 pm on March 15, Vietnam suspended all visas and will deny entry to travelers from the UK and the 26 Schengen countries; this includes travelers that have visited or transited through these countries in the past 14 days. This will be effective for 30 days.

As of 00:00 am on March 21, both foreigners who currently hold visas and Vietnamese national must undergo screenings and be quarantined for 14 days when entering the country.

In addition, Vietnam has suspended visa on arrival for all foreign nationals except for those on official or diplomatic trips.

Authorities plan to issue electronic visas to foreign nationals from 80 countries from July 1 following a reduction of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) activity. The countries include Australia, mainland China, India, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, the UK, and the US. Citizens from these countries will be able to enter Vietnam through selected land, air, and sea border gates.

Entrants must undergo screenings and be quarantined for 14 days upon entry.

Passenger Restrictions: Pax who are American Citizens, European Citizens, or Citizens of other countries who have been in or transited to the US or European Countries within 14 days before their planned arrival in Vietnam shall be subject to compulsory 14-day quarantine.

Pax who are Asian citizens or from other countries and have been in the Asian Countries within 14 days before their planned arrival in Vietnam, shall be subject to a compulsory 14 day quarantine.


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