With UVflightplanner.com,
you're right on target.

UVflightplanner.com is a comprehensive online flight planning system for business aircraft that allows you to quickly and easily create and file optimized flight plans for wherever you fly worldwide.

As a subscriber, you get access to the same flight planning engine used by the trip support experts at Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc., so you can:

Plan with ease.

Create and file IFR flight plans more easily than you ever have before.

Plan with accuracy.

Calculate your ETEs and fuel burns with extreme accuracy using our optimized flight planning engine, helping you save money and avoid delays.

Plan with intelligence.

Get stored worldwide routes, curfew alerts, weather, security threat assessments, airport data, NOTAMs, GPS RAIM prediction, and automatic aircraft fuel tankering calculations.

UVflightplanner.com at a glance:

Watch the demo of the UVflightplanner.com interface in action
  • Automatic route optimization
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • CFMU/RAD-compliant for European routes
  • Choose from over 200 flight plan formats
  • Integrated Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance*
  • Integrated Fuel Tankering Calculations

Highlighted flight planning capabilities:

Stored Route Options

  • Routes you have previously stored
  • Routes previously generated by Universal® Trip Support Services
  • Routes recently filed by other UVflightplanner.com users
  • ATC preferred routes
  • ATC recently cleared routes
  • CDR routes

Advanced Flight Planning Options

  • Runway Analysis
  • Weight and Balance
  • FIR Avoidance
  • ETPs
  • GPS RAIM Prediction analysis
  • EU-ETS Tonne Kilometre (TKM) calculations
  • Integrated Fuel Tankering calculations

Aviation Weather
and NOTAMs

  • Graphical weather from an FAA-recognized EWINS
  • Worldwide satellite imagery and route weather briefings
  • Radar imagery for composite U.S and site radar for all major cities across the U.S., updated every five minutes
  • Worldwide METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs
  • Passenger and preliminary weather briefings
  • Get weather charts customized to your needs by staff meteorologists

Cost Reduction Assistance

  • Optimized (best winds) flight plans for savings on time and fuel
  • Integrated Fuel Tankering calculations
  • Customizable cruise burn biasing
  • Ability to setup reclear flight planning (on request)
  • Summary of navigation fees / overflight charges
  • Automatic 2° and 3° burn summaries
  • Center of gravity management (Weight and Balance)*

Intelligence and Alerts

  • Automatic alerts for curfew violations, stage restrictions, and peak hour advisements
  • Get critical security alerts and global intelligence reports
  • Integrated UVTripPlanner airport and FBO/ground handler data

Mapping and Visualization Tools

  • Route plotting through MapQuest® (with NAT visualization)
  • Route-on-weather overlays
  • Graphical SID/STAR selection
  • ETOPS mapping


  • See your pre-negotiated UVair® fuel pricing information and request fuel releases (UVair cardholders only)
  • Request a custom UVair fuel quote for any destination that accepts UVair
  • Integrated Fuel Tankering calculations

Ground Handling

  • View worldwide airport information and FBO/ground handler information
  • Arrange handling with any Universal Aviation ground support location worldwide

Delivery Options

  • Print, e-mail, and fax flight plan packages and calculations
  • Send to iPad® via Universal Mobile for iPad
  • Uplink directly to your aircraft's FMS though UVdatalink or 3rd party data link provider

Mobile Access

  • Accessibility on any Web-enabled mobile device, including iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry®, or Android™.


  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

* Runway Analysis and Weight and Balance are not included with UVflightplanner.com Standard Version and are offered at an additional charge.

Please note: UVflightplanner.com is not configured to support reciprocating-type (piston-engine) aircraft. UVflightplanner.com's flight planning system prepares flight plans for jet and turboprop aircraft only. If you have a reciprocating-type aircraft, please contact us for additional information on other available services through Universal.

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