[VIDEO] Feasibility IQ for Summer Ops Planning Demo: Encore August 2022

PT < 1 M minute read

If you missed our webinar in June, this is your opportunity to see how Feasibility-IQ can accelerate and simplify your international mission planning…especially now while we’re in the throes of Summer Peak Season.

For current Feasibility-IQ subscribers, you’ll get a tour of the latest capabilities now available to you and learn how you can get the most from the application – including a tour of our new iPad App version.

For non-subscribers, it’ll be an eye opener! You’ll see how Feasibility-IQ will save you A TON of hours on trip research – helping you make better, faster decisions and provide answers to your stakeholders in record time.

On average, it’ll save you ~2.5 hours in overall research time per airport per trip. For multi-leg trips, this quickly adds up to days’ worth of time savings…and over the course of a year, the time savings become VERY significant. It’s definitely worth looking at!

Learn more and signup for a FREE Trial here.

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