Traveling to Singapore Airshow 2018 – Part 2: Permits, Slots, CIQ & Local Area

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Traveling to Singapore Airshow 2018 – Part 2: Permits, Slots, CIQ & Local Area

This business aviation blog post continues from our article last week, entitled “Traveling to Singapore Airshow 2018 – Part 1: Airports, Parking & Services.

This is a post by author Yvonne Chan. Yvonne is managing director for Universal Aviation Singapore, which has an aircraft ground-handling facility in Seletar. Yvonne is an expert on business aircraft operations in Singapore and can be contacted at

General aviation (GA) operations into Seletar (WSSL) are straight-forward with reasonably good operational and schedule revision flexibility, should the operator wish to make short notice or last minute changes. Singapore Changi (WSSS)is a much more inflexible and challenging operating environment.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Permit requirements

Private non-revenue flights do not require landing permits for Singapore. However, charter operations need a landing permit for WSSL and are prohibited from operation into WSSS. An application is first made online – providing airworthiness and registration certificates, worldwide insurance and air operator certificate (AOC). Once the application is approved your ground handler will be authorized to set up handling. Note that obtaining a charter permit for Singapore can take up to three weeks. Lead times vary, often depending on state of registry of the aircraft.

2. Airspace closures

During each day of the Airshow there will be temporary WSSS airspace closures, based on scheduled flying display. Closures will be advised by NOTAM.

3. CIQ clearance

Customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) is cleared at WSSL within the terminal and this process takes about 10 minutes. In the case of WSSS, all GA passengers and crew must clear CIQ at the commercially important passenger (CIP) terminal, located next to Terminal 2. Charges are applicable for this service. Currently CIP pricing is about 1000 USD per use, for up to 9 passengers/crew, and 2000 USD for 10 or more.

4. Visa requirements

Some nationalities of passenger require visas to enter Singapore. If a visa is needed it must be obtained prior to arrival. However, active crew members do not need visas for Singapore when listed on the gendec. On the other hand, if crew are flying into Singapore via commercial airline they’ll fall under the same visa requirements as passengers. This includes the case of flying in commercial to pick up a GA flight and depart Singapore as active crew.

5. Fuel uplifts

While it’s recommended to carry a fuel release when operating to Singapore, aviation cards are recognized and accepted in most cases. Fuel uplifts are generally on schedule at both airports it’s always best, but it’s recommended to provide 12-24 hours notification of intended fuel uplifts.

6. Hotel availability

Singapore has a wide range of high-quality accommodation options, including 4- and 5-star international chain properties. While there are a couple of 4-star hotels located close to WSSS most crew choose to stay in the central business district, just a 20 minute drive from either Singapore airport. Expect room pricing to be higher than normal during the Airshow period and for many hotels to be sold out. Typical price range for 4-star crew accommodations during this period is 300-450 USD/night.

7. Local transport

Prepaid (car with driver) transport can be coordinated via your service provider or local ground handler. Alternatively, local taxis are safe and available and UBER is an option. Singapore has one of the world’s best public transport rail systems, allowing crews to move around the island quickly and in air conditioned comfort.

8. In-flight catering considerations

In-flight catering is available at both WSSS and WSSL. It’s best to provide at least 48 hours lead time, particularly for more custom orders. It’s also possible to coordinate catering from local restaurants or hotels, via your ground handler. Be advised that the FBO at WSSL has limited refrigerated storage available onsite.


To take advantage of the best parking and crew accommodation options it’s best to confirm all arrangements as soon as schedule is known. Charter operators need to be mindful of long lead times typically involved in securing charter permits.


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