Operating to Ireland (EIDW): Airport Slots

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This is a post by author Mark Shiels. Mark is the general manager for Universal Aviation Ireland – Dublin. Mark is an expert on business aircraft operations in Dublin and can be contacted at markshiels@universalaviation.aero.

This aviation blog post is part of a series on operating to Dublin, Ireland and continues from our last article entitled "Operating to Ireland (EIDW): Customs, Immigrations, and Quarantine (CIQ)."

For business aircraft operators traveling to Dublin (EIDW), airport slots are usually easy to obtain, except in cases of inclement weather or peak periods of commercial airline activity. If you are planning a trip through EIDW, here’s what you need to know about its airport slots:

1. Are airport slots required at EIDW?

All aircraft operating to/from EIDW require airport slots, and slot requirements are the same for private non-revenue and charter (non-scheduled commercial) operations. Airport slots should be requested as far in advance as possible, since short-notice requests typically offer fewer options. Once slots are confirmed, aircraft parking is also confirmed. Airport slots are requested via an online coordination system, and you must have an account to request slots through this system. Your local ground handler or 3rd-party provider can do this on your behalf. Once your request is received, the system will indicate if your slot is confirmed, pending, or unavailable. You’ll receive a confirmation number with an approved slot, but this does not need to be placed in remarks 18 of the flight plan. If a requested slot is unavailable, the next best option will be provided. Slot deviation is -/+ 15 minutes, and there’s no penalty for missing an airport slot.

2. Is slot availability limited at times?

During inclement weather, slot availability may be restricted. Also, during peak periods of commercial airline movements – typically 0600-0730 and 2100-2230 local – there may be limitations on slot availability. The slot system is governed by Eurocontrol, but EIDW airport authorities can authorize airport slots in the event of an emergency.

3. What is the slot request procedure?

Once your schedule is provided, the ground handler will immediately apply for airport slots through the system. No documents are required for this slot request procedure. Your ground handler will typically charge a small fee for coordinating airport slot arrangements. Once a slot is confirmed, the airport will honor aircraft parking for the time period. Your assigned parking spot, however, will not be advised until arrival.


Be mindful that you’ll need to use the services of a ground handler, or 3rd party provider, when requesting slots for EIDW – unless you’ve set up an account with the online coordination system.


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Later, we will discuss aviation fuel, additional services, and security for your trip to Dublin, Ireland.

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