Business Aircraft Operations to Perth, Australia

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Business Aircraft Operations to Perth, Australia

For business aircraft operators, Perth (YPPH) has some unique operating considerations to take into account during the planning phase. Best practice is to work with your 3rd-party provider and ground handler well in advance to coordinate airport slots, customs, jet fuel, aircraft parking, local transportation, and hotels. This is a location where jet fuel uplifts should always be pre-arranged, due to busy periods of commercial airline activity. At present, YPPH is undergoing several major infrastructure upgrades, including upgrading the terminals to handle the Airbus A380, as well as building a new terminal dedicated to the growing mining developments in Western Australia.

Here are some helpful tips to help you ease operations to Perth:

1. Crew/passengers clear CIQ inside the main terminal

After an international arrival, your ground handler will transport crew, passengers, and luggage to the international terminal for clearance of customs, immigration, and quarantine (CIQ). Crew and passengers clear separately, and the crews have access to a dedicated crew customs line. The passenger clearance for arrival and departure is generally accomplished within 10 minutes or less, depending upon commercial arrivals through normal passenger customs lines. Your ground handler is able to accompany both crews and passengers during the arrival and departure customs process, as well as assist baggage to pre-arranged transport.

2. Consider Western Australia quarantine requirements

Western Australia is strict on proper disposal of fruits, vegetables, plants including cut flowers, seeds, honey, and walnuts. See the Australian Government DAFF for more information on restricted agricultural items. Also, quarantine personnel perform checks to ensure that no prohibited items are brought into Western Australia and have specially trained dogs to assist with searches. Operators may not keep in-flight catering onboard containing restricted food items. Check with your ground handler for more information and to coordinate disposal of international catering. Be aware that spraying the cabin with disinfectant is required for all international arrivals. If the crew does not do this on descent, they’ll need to take this step on arrival. This occurs with the passengers onboard and doors closed for 10 minutes.

3. Airport slots may be necessary

Airport slots must be obtained when departing Monday-Friday, 0530-0830 local. Arrival slots are only needed when coming in from an airport within 800 NM of YPPH Monday-Friday, 0900-2100 local. Operators need to be aware that peak hours of commercial airline operations are Monday-Friday, 0500-0800 local, and 1600-1900 local. Arrival and departure airport slots have a deviation of -5 minutes/+10 minutes, calculated off block times. If airport slots are not obtained, there will be delays. Airport slots will be confirmed by the slot coordinator following slot submissions; however, no actual slot confirmation number will be provided.

4. Hotel accommodation may be scarce

Drive time from the airport to the city center is approximately 30 minutes, and Perth offers a range of preferred hotels close to the central business district. Perth hotels experience high demands several times a year, including golf and tennis tournaments, and mining conferences, where preferred accommodations can be fully sold out. Booking early is essential. Otherwise, there are usually hotel options outside the city, but this will limit your access to restaurants and shopping outlets and may complicate local transportation planning.

5. Be aware of infrastructure projects underway at Perth

Extensive redevelopment of the terminal, runways, and taxiways is underway at YPPH, and this work will continue through 2020, as noted by NOTAM. The infrastructure improvements will impact aircraft parking location and availability. Certain areas, runways, and taxiways will be closed from time to time, with the possibility of delays. Your ground handler will try to source the closest available parking spots, but it is probable that aircraft may be parked some distance from the fixed base operator (FBO). At YPPH, your actual parking spot cannot be confirmed until the day of operations.

6. Additional tips and operating considerations

In-flight catering is available at YPPH. Catering can also be sourced from local hotels or restaurants. Your ground handler can assist off-airport in-flight catering through airport security to the aircraft, when required. Ground handlers at YPPH maintain a good supply of ground support equipment (GSE), including a selection of towbars, and can arrange passes to allow outside mechanics/engineers airside access. Airport security is provided by private guards, state police, and Australian Federal Police. There is also effective surveillance camera coverage in place. Pre-paid transportation may access the ramp, with prior ground handler coordination, for domestic operations only.


Perth is a very welcoming destination; however, it is strongly recommended that you know the rules and operating requirements unique to this airport. Off-terminal customs clearance at the FBO or on board the aircraft is extremely difficult to obtain at YPPH, so passengers are normally faced with airport terminal clearance, along with commercial airline passengers.


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