Saverio Mongelli

Air Culinaire Worldwide® Vice President of National Sales and Executive Chef Saverio Mongelli has more than a decade of experience with in-flight catering, including more than six years as Executive Chef of Air Culinaire Worldwide in New York. He is an expert in catering safety, operations, packaging, menu selection, and international ordering. Saverio graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. in 1994 and served in a variety of roles in fine dining restaurants in New York City before joining Air Culinaire Worldwide. Some of his previous positions in the culinary industry include national and international sales, client management, contract negotiations and the management and development of the sales team.

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Air Culinaire Worldwide, a Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. company, serves in-flight catering to hundreds of airport locations across the globe. Since 2000, business and private aviation operators have relied upon the organization. With 21 owned-and-operated kitchens and hundreds of associate catering partners on six continents, business aviation organizations receive the total in-flight catering experience from one resource, Air Culinaire Worldwide.

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