James Lara [Guest Author]

Founder and Principal of Gray Stone Advisors, James (Jim) Lara has been passionate about aviation since childhood. Since 1996, Jim has transformed Gray Stone into a full-service Business Aviation consulting firm. Combining his 40+ years as a pilot with his corporate experience, Jim and his team speak the language of business as well as the business of aviation. Their vast expertise and hands-on approach have helped Business Aviation leaders to develop high-performing individuals and teams, align those teams with their enterprise's goals, and enable operations to regain stability, traction and profitability. He can be reached at jlara@graystoneadvisors.com or 865-357-5077. You can learn more about metrics and speaking the language of business via the Gray Stone Advisors blog.

This guest author's views are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

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Four Reasons Why Metrics Matter in Business Aviation

Four Reasons Why Metrics Matter in Business Aviation

Ask any business leader if metrics matter, and I guarantee you’ll get a resounding “Yes.” Why? Metrics help organizations focus on what really matters and drive improvements in performance and outcomes […]

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