Elon Holmes

Master Regulatory Services Specialist Elon Holmes has been with Universal for more than seven years. In her work with Global Regulatory Services Elon has particular specialties in TSA Waivers, FAA routings, ESTAs and Australian ETAs. Her approach to trip planning is proactive and she makes a point of identifying any potential issues that may come up at each planned international destination, several days ahead of arrival. Due to Elon’s strong relationships with customs ports in the U.S. she’s able to take all necessary steps to ensure a smooth arrival/departure process. A recipient of Stellar Customer Service and Employee of the Month awards Elon can be reached at elonholmes@univ-wea.com.

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Master Crew Lists – Information, Requirements & Tips

Master Crew Lists – Information, Requirements & Tips

A Master Crew List (MCL) is a list the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) mandates every charter (non-scheduled commercial) operator have on file when flying to or within the U.S. Whenever APIS is transmitted by a charter operator using their carrier code, this information is vetted against the on-file MCL. This process ensures that information provided […]

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