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Air Service Hawaii – Hilo Manager Daniel Treas has a strong and varied background in the aviation industry, including 24 years as purser/flight attendant for corporate and commercial operations, as an FBO Concierge, and – since 2007 – as base manager of Air Services Hawaii's PHTO facility. Daniel promotes a "safety first" culture and works to create a positive work environment. A recipient of the National Weather Association 2004 Team Excellence Award and a 2006 Customer Service In-Flight Champion, Daniel is a graduate of Oglethorpe University and Hawaii Pacific University and is conversant in Japanese.

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Top Considerations for Business Jet Operations to Hilo (PHTO)

Top Considerations for Business Jet Operations to Hilo (PHTO)

Hilo (PHTO) is a quiet location with no congestion issues affecting General Aviation (GA) movements. PHTO serves as an ideal quick turn between North America and the Southern Pacific or Asia. It is not as busy as Kona (PHKO) and closer to great circle on certain trans-Pacific routings […]

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