Mexico Annual Permits for Private Operators Discontinued in 2024

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We just learned about a major change coming that will impact private Part-91 operations into Mexico. Here’s what you need to know, including an FAQ at the end of the post.

Discontinuation of Mexico Annual Permits for Private Operators

During a recent meeting with Mexico Civil Aviation (AFAC), Universal Aviation Mexico learned that beginning Jan. 1, 2024, Mexico Annual/Multiple-Entry permits for private operators will no longer be available. Instead, private operators and aircraft will only be able to obtain one-time permits.

Why are Annual/Multiple Entry Permits Being Discontinued?

This change is a result of the modification of Mexico’s Civil Aviation Law, which was updated on May 3, 2023, removing the provision for multiple entry permits in an effort to minimize illegal charters operating in Mexico.

Information Not Officially Published Yet

Although this information has not been officially published, it was shared with our Mexico office, and we wanted to give the industry as much advance notice as possible.

According to AFAC, an official Circular will be issued before the end of 2023, explicitly confirming the discontinuation of annual permits.

What About Existing Annual/Multiple Entry Permits?

It’s important to note that existing 2023 annual permits will remain valid until Dec. 31, 2023. After this date, all arrivals will require one-time permits.

This Does Not Impact Blanket Charter Permits

Note that blanket permits for charter operations are not impacted and will still be available.

Universal Can Help

While this will reduce operating flexibility for operators, Universal Trip Support and Universal Aviation Mexico can efficiently facilitate one-time permits with short lead times in most locations. We do this daily already.


Does this affect charter operations?

No, this change is only for private operations

What is the lead time to process a one-shot permit?

The usual lead time is 24 hours, however, during normal business/operating hours, we would be able to get the permit with a 2-hour notice.

Is there a limit on how many private one-shot permits I can get?

No, there is no limit on how many one-shot private permits an operator can obtain.

Do we have to apply for a permit each time we operate into Mexico?

Yes, with the discontinuation of the annual permits each operation into Mexico will require a one-time permit

Will the permit have to be processed prior to arriving in Mexico?

Yes. Although the permit is not issued until the aircraft arrives, the local authorities must be presented with the flight, aircraft, and crew information prior to the arrival.

Is my 2023 annual permit still valid?

Yes, all 2023 annual permits will be valid and honored until December 31, 2023.

What is the validity of a one-time permit?

Single entry permits are currently valid for 180 days from the initial date of the aircraft arrival. This permit is valid for multiple operations within the country. Once the aircraft departs the country, the permit is null and void and a new permit must be obtained on the next operation into Mexico.

Can I make multiple stops in Mexico with the single entry permit?

Yes, the one-time permit is valid for as many operations within the country as needed, however, as soon as the aircraft departs the country that permit is terminated.

What is the difference between a blanket, an annual permit, and multiple entry permits?

A blanket permit is for charter operations. It is an indefinite permit which allows a charter operator multiple operations into the country.

An annual permit is the same thing as a Multiple Entry permit. This is for private operators and would allow a private aircraft to make multiple operations into the country during a calendar year.

Are single entry permits the same as one-time permits?

Yes, One-time permit = One-shot permit = Single Entry permit.

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