F1 Belgian Grand Prix 2024 : Business Aviation Guide

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The 2024 Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix runs July 26-28 at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps circuit in the Ardennes forest 22 miles southeast of Liege. This is one of the most popular circuits in the annual Formula 1 calendar. If you want to go to the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix, it’s best to begin the planning process without delay.  

Here is a general overview of what you should be aware of: 

The race

The race will be held at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. The schedule is as follows: 

  • Friday, July 26: Practice
  • Saturday July 27th: Qualifying
  • Sunday, July 28th: Race

Read full race details. 

VIP experience

Belgian Grand Prix organizers have vowed to adopt the “Super Bowl” like atmosphere that has become increasingly popular at other F1 events, a change from its traditional past. Click here for more on the F1 Belgian Grand Prix Experiences packages. 

Primary airports to consider

There are two primary airports for this event: Liege (EBLG), 40 minutes from the race track, and Brussels (EBBR), 30 minutes from the track. Both are Airports of Entry (AOEs). Due to increased traffic at both airports over the Formula 1 period, it’s recommended that aircraft parking, local transport and aircraft services be requested well in advance. 

Liege (EBLG) 

  • AOE: Yes
  • Operating hours: 24 hours for Stage 3 aircraft
  • Prior Permission Required (PPR): Not required
  • Airport slots: Not required
  • Aircraft parking: Available
  • Ground handling: Available
  • Aviation fuel (Jet A-1): Available
  • In-flight catering: Available

For aircraft arriving from/going to destinations inside the borders of the European Union, customs controls are not applied to crew and passengers, but immigration control is still needed. However, if the aircraft is coming from/going to destinations inside the borders of the Schengen agreement countries, customs and immigration controls are no longer applied to either crew or passengers. 

Brussels (EBBR) 

  • AOE: Yes
  • Operating hours: 24 hours with noise restrictions; Saturday, 0200-0559 local, take-off ban; Sunday-Monday, 0001-0559 local, take-off ban
  • PPR: Required for all aircraft, with at least 24 hours’ notice
  • Airport slots: Required
  • Aircraft parking: Available
  • Ground handling: Available
  • Aviation fuel (Jet A-1): Available and aviation fuel cards accepted
  • In-flight catering: Available


There are aircraft restrictions to consider for EBBR, depending on your particular noise Quota Count (QC) for aircraft with MTOW of more than 34 tons or with a capacity of more than 19 seats (crew seats excluded): 

  • Takeoff or landing with QC > 8 is forbidden 2200-0459 local
  • Takeoff or landing with QC > 12 is forbidden 0500-0559 local
  • Takeoff with QC > 48 is forbidden 0600-1959 local
  • Landing with QC > 24 is forbidden 0600-1959 local
  • Takeoff with QC > 24 is forbidden 2000-2159 local
  • Landing with QC > 12 is forbidden 2000-2159 local

Airport slots are required for all aircraft traveling to EBBR when a high density of flights is expected. If slots are needed, the deviation is +/- 15 minutes, and flight plans must be filed using your confirmed allocated slot time. Note that no airport slots are allocated for takeoffs Saturday and Sunday evenings, 2300-0559 local. 

PPR is only required for aircraft utilizing the military side for parking, and the lead time is a minimum of five working days’ notice. 

Overtime will not be granted except for humanitarian and government flights. 

Airport authorities require a copy of the aircraft noise certificate for all operations to EBBR. If the noise certificate isn’t available, airport authorities will accept a copy of the noise characteristics page from the aircraft’s flight manual. This must include the following: 

  • Manufacture date
  • Chapter/stage
  • Seating capacity
  • Flap positions

Landing permits are needed for certain charter (non-scheduled commercial) flights

Belgium requires charter permits. Lead time for such permits is a minimum of four working days and the operator must be Third Country Operator Certified via EASA. Once a permit is approved, it remains valid for Zulu day. 

Consider hotel and transport options

There are many excellent hotel options in the Brussels area, including a wide selection of 4- and 5-star accommodations. Liege, however, offers limited hotel options. Due to increased traffic during this busy period, it’s recommended that hotels be booked as far in advance as possible.

Pre-paid transportation (car with driver) is suggested during the Belgium Grand Prix period. As there will be heavy traffic, possible road closures and a general lack of parking in the area, rental vehicles are not recommended. 

Closing thoughts

While preferred aircraft parking and hotel options will be available to those who book early, your ground handler will try to find ways to accommodate even short-notice and last-minute operations. It’s best to start working with your 3rd-party provider to start making arrangements for your trip now. 

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