Identifying regulatory gaps to optimize your flight department’s operational flexibility

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There is growing optimism that based on vaccine rollouts and new vaccine passport programs, business aviation activity may begin to increase heading into summer 2021. For operators who plan to increase their flight activity in the coming months, now is a great time to review their regulatory toolkit, identify gaps, uncover what’s new, assess options, and optimize operational flexibility.

Why should my flight department identify regulatory gaps?

As travelers return to flying, they are facing increased global regulations and scrutiny worldwide. It’s critical to review new (or newly applicable) regulations and tools to your operation that could help keep you prepared as travel opportunities arise, and respond quickly as circumstances continue to change.

What are some of the regulatory questions we should be reviewing for gaps/opportunities?

On top of the many new COVID regulatory requirements such as testing and quarantine requirements, it’s important to continue to understand the existing regulations. Some of the areas you should be reviewing are:

  • Global Emissions Support – Do you have a global emissions monitoring program in place for CORSIA/EU-ETS/UK-ETS? Are you tracking your total carbon footprint?
  • Are you streamlining your US Customs Support? Need help navigating Presidential Proclamations, applying for National Interest Waivers, understanding Reimbursable Services Program?
  • Mexican navigation fees and permits – How are you setup to pay Mexican SENEAM fees and are you taking advantage of annual and blanket permits?
  • Do you have a monitoring/payment solution for UK APD?
  • Do you utilize STEP Enrollment to provide your American travelers improved access to resources globally?
  • Are you taking advantage of valuable U.S. entry options like the Visa Waiver program?
  • Do you have an existing Border Overflight Exemption?
  • BREXIT – Do you understand the implications of UK’s BREXIT such as aircraft importation and UK ETS?
  • Confused by EU importation chatter?

Review your regulatory profile for gaps in 10-15 minutes

Universal’s Global Regulatory Services team is currently meeting 1×1 with Universal clients to conduct 10-15 minute regulatory reviews. The consult is at no-charge for Universal clients – contact the Global Regulatory Team or your Account Manager to find out more.



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