Business Aircraft Operations to Glasgow (EGPF): Part 2 – CIQ & Local Area

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Business Aircraft Operations to Glasgow (EGPF): Part 2 – CIQ & Local Area

This business aviation blog post continues from our article last week, entitled “Business Aircraft Operations to Glasgow (EGPF): Part 1 – Airport & Parking.”

Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) pre-clearance is not available for international business aircraft operations to Glasgow (EGPF). In most cases you’ll need to park on the main apron, deplane passengers for CIQ clearance, and then reposition to your assigned parking area. For tech stops, however, the process is much easier and quicker.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

1. Arrival and CIQ procedures

All aircraft arriving at EGPF from international locations will initially park at the main terminal. Passengers disembark and are escorted through CIQ. Time to clear CIQ ranges from 10 to 30 minutes depending upon how busy the airport is. Peak hours for CIQ at EGPF are normally 1100-1300 and 1800-2000 local. Aircraft then reposition, under their own power, to a designated parking ramp. Parking is usually at Area Juliet, next to the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). If, however, your aircraft is any larger than a Gulfstream IV, you may be assigned remote parking. In this case your ground handler will provide transportation to/from the GAT.

2. Security screening

Security screening is not available at the GAT. If security screening is required, it must be done at the main terminal. Note that all passengers on charter (non-scheduled commercial) flights go through full body and luggage screening at EGPF’s main terminal. Private non-revenue operations are exempt from security screening unless they’ve parked at the main terminal, and the aircraft is over nine tons (18,000 pounds) or has 19 or more seats.

3. Required documentation

When you land at EGPF, completed passenger landing cards must be submitted to customs for each passenger with a non-EU passport. Crew declarations (C909) must be completed by all crew members arriving from a non-EU country. A Stores List (C209) – listing contents of onboard bars, liquor, cigars etc. – must also be presented. Also, a General Aviation (GA) report is needed for certain flights; your ground handler will inform you if that is the case. All flights between 1) Great Britain, Scotland, and Wales and 2) the Common Travel Zone (the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Ireland, and the Isle of Man) must clear Special Branch. To do this, you must complete and submit the GA report a minimum of 12 hours prior to flight. Your 3rd-party provider or local ground handler can provide you with original forms and cards, and it’s always recommended to complete these prior to arrival. Be aware that landing permits are required for all charter flights to the UK.

4. EGPF makes a great tech stop

Turnaround time for EGPF tech stops is approximately 30 minutes or less – depending upon the services you require and volume of your fuel uplift. Many operators chose to use EGPF as a tech stop when traveling between the U.S. and the Middle East. Fuel deliveries are typically reliable and on time at this location, and handling processes are very efficient. Value-added tax exemption on fuel may be available to certain operators – depending upon the type of flight and purpose – but it’s best to confirm this in advance with your chosen aviation fuel provider.

5. Additional tips and cautions

EGPF is not an approved airport of entry for onboard pets. If you’re traveling with a pet – e.g., a dog, certain types of cats, or a ferret – you’ll need to make advance arrangements and plan to land at one of five airports in the UK that clear onboard pets. For more information on bringing pets into the UK, please see our article “Pet Passport Travel – Now Available at London Stansted Airport (EGSS).”

Permits for onboard guns can often be obtained with advance planning and proper notification. You’ll need to submit documentation, gun and ammo descriptions, and licenses in order to obtain firearm importation approval from local airport police. For more information, please contact your 3rd-party provider.

6. Area considerations

Glasgow city center is close to EGPF and offers good shopping opportunities. Loch Lomond is only a 40-minute drive while the golf links at Gleneagles can be reached in about 50 minutes. Many good 4-star hotels, including those of major international chain hotels, are available in Glasgow. Golfing is a popular activity at this destination.


To avoid delays and speed up CIQ clearance process, you should provide your ground handler in advance with a full schedule, list of all services that will be required, and full crew/passenger information and details. This way, your handler will be able to fill out required forms prior to your arrival.


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