U.S. CBP Reimbursable Services Program (RSP) for Business Aviation is a Must Have for Enhancing Operational Flexibility

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The growing U.S. Customs challenge for international operators

U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) clearance hours have been increasingly restricted in recent years at ports across the U.S. making it more and more challenging for business aircraft operators to return home from overseas and clearing U.S. Customs at their desired location and time.

Part of the reason for this is high and record traffic volumes at many ports, combined with infrastructure and staffing limitations by CBP – a challenge that continues to grow.

As a result, international operators often have to make an extra stop to clear Customs at a different port, where Customs services will be available at the time they arrive, before proceeding on to their final arrival destination. This obviously adds costs, time, complexity, and potential risk of something going wrong to the mission.

CBP Reimbursable Services Program helps address this

To address these challenges, CBP has developed the Reimbursable Services Program (RSP).

RSP allows CBP to provide additional inspection services upon the request of approved RSP partners at times when otherwise these services would not be available – i.e., pre-arranged overtime hours.

CBP services can include customs, immigration, agricultural processing, border security, and support at any facility where CBP currently provides services or will so in the future .

As of early 2022, there have been >250 companies approved as RSP partners, consisting mainly of airlines, cargo operators, FBOs, and some business aircraft operators for their individual home base.

There’s also one mission management company on the approved RSP partner list – Universal.

Universal becomes 1st mission management company approved for the U.S. CBP Reimbursable Services Program (RSP)

Customers working with Universal® Trip Support can take advantage of Universal’s RSP partner status at the following airports: Austin–Bergstrom International Airport; Bangor International Airport; Bradley International Airport; Charleston International Airport; Louisville International Airport; Reno–Tahoe International Airport; Salt Lake City International Airport; Tampa International Airport; Treasure Cay International; Teterboro Airport; and Will Rogers World Airport. Activation of four additional ports, KLAX, KFRG, KISP, and KFOK, will be completed soon.

This list will likely grow since this program allows us to add up to three new additional airports every three months. Our focus will be to add airports where our customers frequently need customs overtime solutions to afford them maximum flexibility in their operations.

In addition to making overtime requests for ports that Universal is approved for, our Global Regulatory Services team can help you apply for your own RSP partner status at other ports where you frequently need to clear.

Enhance your operational flexibility with RSP

To learn more about how Universal can help you with RSP, speak with your Universal Account Manager or visit our website.

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