Mexico SENEAM Fees 2023: Dispelling Rumors and Presenting the Facts



There’s been a bit of a buzz lately on the heels of some industry rumors and articles about supposed “new” shifts in Mexico’s SENEAM fees, and wow, our inbox is packed with questions! But here’s the deal: Universal customers can take a deep breath and relax. Despite all the buzz, rumors, and what some folks say, the info isn’t quite right. We thought we’d jump in and clear things up.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is a SENEAM Fee?

Since 2012, every time you overfly Mexico’s airspace or arrive/depart an airport during non-business hours, you’re charged air navigation Servicios a la Navegacion en el Espacio Aereo Mexicano (SENEAM) Fees. These fees cover navigation services such as NAV aids, radio services, radar surveillance, etc. SENEAM fees are based on wingspan and great circle distance through Mexican airspace for airspace use. Paying all SENEAM fees due is an important consideration because, if they aren’t settled, you leave yourself open to being blocked from using Mexican airspace and/or detained on the ground.

You can learn more exciting SENEAM background details in our blog.

If SENEAM Fees Have Been Around Since 2012, Why the Sudden Buzz?

Well, with Mexico gearing up for elections, it seems like the authorities are making noise about chasing those pending SENEAM overflight and overtime fees, and some vendors are using the opportunity to get some publicity. But all the chatter aside, how SENEAM fees work hasn’t changed in any way that will impact your ops. Simply put, the SENEAM overflight and overtime fee routine is just as it’s always been.

Consequences of Unsettled SENEAM Fees for Operators Remain the Same

It’s always been vital for operators to be aware that if they have unpaid SENEAM fees, they risk being detained upon landing in Mexico. This is NOT new.

The consequences for unpaid fees could be the aircraft might not be cleared to leave until the overdue fees are fully settled. In essence, non-payment could mean no approved flight plan and potential detention.

Checking Your SENEAM Fee Status – Universal Has Always Proactively Done This

Universal has been actively checking SENEAM Fee status and making payments on customers’ behalf since 2012. Despite some vendor chatter, this is not a new or exclusive service.

Our Global Regulatory Services team proactively ensures you are NOT put in a position where any potential consequences could impact your ops.

In Summary: Universal Customers Are Unaffected

Despite the swirling rumors and misinformation in the market, if you are an operator with unpaid SENEAM fees, your situation remains the same: non-payment could result in a suspended operation.

If you’re a Universal customer using our SENEAM service, understand there’s zero impact on you.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Global Regulatory Services team.

Got questions or need more info? Our Global Regulatory Services team is just a call or message away. Reach out anytime!

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