Major Process Changes to United Kingdom General Aviation Report (GAR) Submission

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Significant updates to the United Kingdom’s General Aviation Report (GAR) submission process took effect on April 6, 2024, introducing pivotal changes that will impact both arrivals and departures for general aviation in the UK. Here’s what you need to know.

Key Changes to GAR Submission effective April 6, 2024:

  • Now Required for Arrivals and Departures: The GAR form is required for departures in addition to arrivals.
  • Fine Enforcement: Incorrect submissions of the GAR form for both arrivals and departures can incur fines of up to £10,000. This marks a shift from the previous requirement, which only mandated GAR forms for arrivals without fine enforcement.
  • Expanded Requirements: The form now demands more detailed information, including any minor children or weapons onboard, making the submission process more comprehensive.
  • Change in Ground Handler Support: Due to these updates and the associated fine risks, many UK ground handlers are stepping back from completing the GAR form on behalf of operators.

How to Navigate These Changes:

  • Self-Submission: You may choose to complete the GAR form independently for both arrivals and departures. To navigate this new landscape without incurring fines, please acquaint yourself with the updated requirements:
  • Support from Universal Aviation UK & Air2Ground: For operations handled by Universal Aviation UK or a Trip Support Services mission supported on the ground by an Air2Ground agent, our people on the ground will manage the GAR form submission for you.
  • Looking for Assistance?: If your usual handler is opting out and you prefer not to handle the form yourself, our Global Regulatory Services team is here to help.

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