Chairman’s Note: NEW Costa Rica GAT – “That’s it?” Yes, operating to San Jose’s new GAT is that easy!

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Late last year, GAT SJO, Costa Rica’s first-ever general aviation terminal (GAT), which is operated by Universal Aviation Costa Rica officially opened. 

You may remember me highlighting some of the benefits of the facility previously, but how would it work in practice?

I’d like to share a brief story. A private operator, who has been to Costa Rica many times, landed in San Jose, went through Customs and Immigration inside the facility, received his stamp, walked out the door and was picked up by his ground transport. Before getting in, he turned around with a puzzled look and asked, “That’s it?”

We’re thrilled to reply, “Yes!” It’s that fast and easy. So efficient, in fact, that some of the users wanted to make sure everything was confirmed.

That’s just one example of the overwhelming positive flow of feedback we’ve been receiving. We consistently have heard that our clients love how quick and smooth the process is; and it’s really not a surprise because the GAT eliminates the issues that created stress and risk to private operators’ missions to the country.

Private operators will no longer have to clear formalities inside the airline terminal in potentially long lines, with processing times improving for both in and outbound flights 50 percent. Perhaps most importantly, there is no more comingling of private passenger baggage with commercial traffic.

Have you been to Costa Rica since the GAT opened? If so, please let me know your thoughts!

Until then, you can visit the GAT’s website for more pictures, FAQs, pricing, and additional information. 

Be on the lookout for more big news from our network in 2020, as we are committed to continually adding new services and locations in the destinations you need us most.

Hope you’re 2020 is off to a great start!