Bahamas Delays Click2Clear Customs Program Rollout for Private/Charter Aircraft Operators

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UPDATE: The Bahamas has decided to delay indefinitely the implementation of Click2Clear inbound/outbound Customs for private/charter aircraft after industry concerns and pushback. We will update this article if/when a new implementation date is announced.

The Bahamas announced it has extended its Click2Clear online Customs clearance system (inbound and outbound) to pleasure/charter aircraft.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is Click2Clear?

Click2Clear is a secure platform created by The Bahamas Customs and Excise Department for online customs processing. Inbound and outbound declarations must be submitted through this platform. It has been in place since 2018 but was only required for cargo operators.

With little notice, the Bahamas recently expanded Click2Clear to pleasure/charter aviation with a go-live date of May 3, 2022. There are concerns within the industry that Click2Clear was rolled out with not enough notice and that the system is not intuitive.

When did Click2Clear go into effect for Pleasure/Charter aircraft?

May 2, 2022. However, there was very little notice given and the website was not operational until April 28, 2022.

Who is Click2Clear applicable to?

All operators, private and charter, regardless if they have cargo or not.

Accessing Click2Clear

 To access the website visit: 

Accessing the Click2Clear website does not require LOGIN credentials or registration, BUT it does require significant info.

What information is required?

Flight information, crew & passenger details, copy of passport(s) for everyone on board, aircraft registration certificate, copy of COVID-19 Travel Visa(s). All of this is required for both inbound and outbound declarations. For outbound flights, the Declaration must be printed, stamped, and signed by a customs officer prior to departure.

Information required includes:

  • Operator / Itinerary
  • Crew/Pax Details
  • Goods on Board
  • Documents Uploaded – PP copies, A/C Registration, Covid 19 Travel Visa, Pet Certificate
  • Payment

Do I need to register somewhere to submit information?

Registration is only necessary when you intend to import items as cargo into The Bahamas. If there is no cargo being imported, no account is needed, but there is a $50 fee associated with submitting each flight declaration.

Is there a lead time to submit the information?

There is no posted lead time, but the information MUST be submitted prior to the aircraft departing towards The Bahamas

What if I forget to submit the information beforehand?

Since this is a new program, some officers can assist on the ground with completing the necessary paperwork. However, they will remind operators to submit this information online for next time. It is a best practice to have everything submitted beforehand in case penalties start becoming imposed for lack of submission.

Click2Clear Resources

The Bahamas have created a how-to video on accessing and using the site:

Universal’s Global Regulatory Services team is working on a solution to help

To help comply with this new onerous process, Universal’s Global Regulatory Services team is currently working to develop a solution to help. We will update this article when we have finalized the process.


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