AFAC replacing DGAC in Mexico – separating truth from speculation

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On Oct. 16, 2019, it was announced that Civil Aviation Authority in Mexico (DGAC) would be replaced by a new agency, Civil Aviation Federal Agency (AFAC). Despite rumors and speculation, there are no immediate changes for business aviation operators. Here’s what you need to know about the change.

1. Why the change?

Mexico is working to improve its processes in the aviation industry with the creation of AFAC. The new AFAC will be an autonomous entity with its own budget, which will allow it to offer more efficient processes and response times, as well as more automated procedures. The transition will also allow AFAC flexibility to hire and retain top talent which would minimize previous problematic activities. All current employees of the former DGAC will be transitioning to AFAC, including the Director General.

2. How long is the transition expected to take?

Over the next six months, AFAC, with the help of industry organizations, will be creating its own organizational manual. The manual will outline all processes and procedures to improve them and better the response times. Meetings have already been held with the former DGAC team members to begin its creation and review of their internal processes.

3. How does this impact business aviation operations to Mexico?

For now, there are NO changes. There has been much speculation about what may or may not change. But that’s all it is – speculation. There have been no officially published notices. Until the full transition is completed over the next six months, it will be business as usual. All current processes are still being administered with the enforcement of the current regulations.

4. Future changes

Upon the close of the transition, there will likely be changes and improvements to current regulations and processes. Universal Aviation Mexico along with our Global Regulatory Services team is in close communications with the former DGAC and AFAC and will continue to reach out and update you, as official notices and changes are communicated.


We anticipate the creation of AFAC to replace DGAC will provide multiple benefits for business aviation operators in Mexico. The transition is scheduled to last six months. Until then, despite any rumors or speculation, it’s business as usual when operating a business aircraft to Mexico.  At Universal, compliance is key so we will ensure the information provided is validated through the proper authorities before advising of any changes. We’re compliant to keep you compliant.

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