UVair® Fuel Program

Take your fueling strategy beyond the transaction.

Finding the lowest per gallon rate on Jet A is always top-of-mind. But how much does a chance for delay or an inaccurate fuel quote really cost you? Lost time, inaccurate taxes, and hidden fees can quickly add up.

With the UVair® Fuel Program, you and your team have access to resources that can help you look at fuel beyond the transaction to ensure the success of your trips, including:

  • Recognition and acceptance at over 5,000 locations worldwide, and a network of proven suppliers
  • A 24/7 team of experts with detailed knowledge of pricing, taxes, regulations, and supply
  • Monitoring and alerts for supply issues that threaten your trips
  • Confidence that you aren’t overpaying for fuel, whatever your aircraft’s size

See fuel differently.

To learn more about savings, locations, and how to join, visit the
UVair Fuel Program website.

Additional ways the UVair Fuel Program can support you:

VAT Exempt Fueling

Enroll in our VAT exemption program to save on VAT in up to 18 European countries.

Learn more

Mobile Access

Check fuel prices, find card-accepting locations, and make arrangements – online or on your iPad – with uvGO.

Learn more about uvGO