We Need You to Comment Today to Oppose CBP’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making that Makes Zero Sense for Business Aviation

PT < 1 M minute read

Our Global Regulatory Services team is working to stop this by aligning with industry stakeholders to push back and educate CBP on why an APIS system designed for commercial scheduled airlines with boarding and ticketing systems, kiosks, and security checkpoints does not work for our industry and never has.

Universal has made several comments already, but we need your help! As an industry, we only have four days (April 3rd) from now to make our voices heard!

Feel free to read and reiterate any of the information from our comments in your posts.

This link will take you to the Comments Page, where you can click the “Comment” button to post your comment/s on the proposed changes!  See the screenshot below.

Together we can make a difference! Together, we will be heard!

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