Universal Chairman’s Note * A WIN against ATC Privatization – Thank You!

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Universal Chairman’s Note * A WIN against ATC Privatization - Thank You!

I’m excited to announce that, thanks to you, we have achieved a MAJOR WIN for Business and General Aviation!

It appears, at least for now, through our collective efforts and shared voices, we have successfully defeated legislation “H.R. 2997”, – a bill that would privatize Air Traffic Control, put it into the hands of the Airlines, and potentially devastate our industry and livelihoods.

Last week, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen announced that the efforts to privatize ATC, have been killed due to the strong and vocal coalition around the world, who vehemently opposed it.

I know many of you may have grown fatigued by my periodic pleas to contact your elected representatives to oppose ATC privatization. But you heeded the call and they heard us!

And, while it appears we have won the battle, the war isn’t over. We can’t let our guard down, as it is likely the commercial airlines and supporters of ATC privatization will try an alternative method to push their agenda.

I urge you to remain watchful and vigilant and continue to contact Congress and let your representatives know that we will fight for what’s best for Business Aviation. More on this later.

With that said, for now, we celebrate!!!

We’re off the runway … let’s get to flight level and high-speed cruise!

To everyone who has joined in the fight against ATC Privatization over the last few years, THANK YOU! You have helped keep a robust industry strong, ensured continued access to airports and services the airlines do not support, and saved many jobs for hardworking professionals!

This is a true industry WIN and a shining example of how when our industry unites, we can achieve anything!