Russia-Ukraine war impact on business aviation

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Update: The FAA provided clarification on the ban of Russian nationals in this NOTAM. The new NOTAM defines a Russian person or entity as those identified by the international trade administration’s consolidated screening list. NBAA also has a short article on this.Canada is now also banning Belarusian aircraft from entering its airspace

The Russia-Ukraine war is having a significant impact on business aviation in multiple ways. Here’s what you need to know.

Airspace Bans

The United States, European Union, United Kingdom, and United Nations are all banning Russian aircraft. Read the FAA NOTAM for the exact definition on what is being banned. Reciprocity from Russia is likely coming soon.

Russia/Ukraine Airspace Avoidance

 Russian airspace avoidance is the biggest challenge impacting most operators, particularly for operations in and out of Asia-Pacific. This is being most significantly felt on flights in and out of Asia-Pacific that would normally overfly Russia.As a result of APAC’s reopening and the pent-up demand to access the region, Universal’s Flight Planning team is successfully building routes and managing missions around the impacted area. We can advise you of your best routings, tech stops, etc. Consult with us on your specific operating scenario.

International Sanctions

Limiting aviation is a commonly-used economic weapon during sanctions, and many aviation supply chain providers are required to comply. OEMs Airbus and Boeing are no longer providing parts and support for Russian airlines, and OEMs in the GA space are doing the same.

Humanitarian Missions

We’re supporting a number of humanitarian missions into Poland and Romania that are providing aid to the Ukrainian refugees. If you’re considering such a mission, we’re donating our services to help. Just contact us to start the consultation process.

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