Chairman’s Note: Universal Aviation Dominican Republic – Significantly Enhancing Your Experience!  

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We’re now in the heart of the Caribbean peak season travel period, and so far, it looks like it will be a record-setter. The entire region is seeing record volumes, but few destinations globally are growing in popularity as rapidly as the Dominican Republic – and there’s no slowdown in sight.

Expanding our Presence to Meet Growing Demand in the Dominican Republic

Over the last six months, we’ve aggressively expanded our presence in the country to keep pace with the demand. In July, we announced the addition of two new Universal Aviation Dominican Republic locations.

Last week, we celebrated another major milestone in our efforts to elevate services across the country with the ribbon-cutting of the General Aviation Terminal at Santo Domingo’s “Santo Domingo City Airport,” La Isabela Airport (MDJB), which Universal Aviation Dominican Republic completely modernized to world-class standards!

La Isabela is Santo Domingo’s “real” city airport. It’s the closest, most convenient & private option to the city’s Financial District, cutting airport travel time to the city by 30-40 minutes.

Most people know the Dominican Republic for its leisure destinations, but Santo Domingo is also an important business hub in the Caribbean with a thriving financial district.

For missions to Santo Domingo’s city center, La Isabela Airport, also known as Higuero Airport, is the clear best option despite some confusion in the industry due to Las Americas Airport being misleadingly known as Santo Domingo Airport. Las Americas is significantly further (almost twice the distance from the city center) than La Isabella.

La Isabella is also more convenient and private, has a 5,500-foot runway, and has faster CIQ arrival and departure processes than Las Americas.

Completely Modernized GAT at La Isabela

We were thrilled that Universal Aviation Dominican Republic was chosen by the authorities and airport operator to manage, operate, and modernize La Isabela’s GAT.

Since that time, we’ve been busy making enhancements. Under our operation and management, the GAT at La Isabela has been completely modernized, featuring a new pilot’s lounge, privacy and exclusivity, a crew lounge, conference rooms, direct ramp access, Wi-Fi, refreshments, and Universal Aviation’s international ground handling standards.

On average, we can get passengers and crew in and out of the airport in about 15 minutes in a very private and exclusive environment. We also have extensive experience working with VVIPs, and understand the need for privacy and facilitating last-minute requests.

La Romana is a Great Option for Overflow Parking this Peak Season

Lastly, as busy as the Caribbean has been and is forecasted to be this peak season, parking will be in short supply. Consider La Romana (MDLR) in the Dominican Republic when looking for parking alternates. It’s an excellent option for long-term parking in the Caribbean if your destination is full.

Our Universal Aviation Dominican Republic team is headquartered at La Romana and can help arrange parking at seven different airports across the country or at any of our locations.

If you have a mission to the Dominican Republic coming up, please let me know. I’d love to hear about your experience.

Until then, safe travels and Happy Holidays!

Warmest Regards,