Chairman’s Note* Universal A2G – Who is “your” lifeline on the ground?

PT < 1 M minute read

Have you ever operated to a congested airport and found yourself in a stressful, unforeseen situation where you needed help beyond what your typical ground handler can provide?

Unfortunately, even with the best trip planning support, particularly at airports that prioritize the commercial airlines over business aviation, it’s not uncommon to have your mission get thrown off course, due to no fault of your own.

Over the years in my travels, I’ve experienced these types of situations myself. In certain circumstances, at highly-congested, challenging airports, it helps to have a higher-touch service. Someone who serves as an on-the-ground extension of your trip support team – a “lifeline” if you will.

That’s why we created our Air2Ground global concierge network. Our local concierge agents are an extension of our trip support teams, ensuring every change is seamlessly communicated, avoiding the ripple effect that a single error can cause, resulting in a delay, critical meeting being missed, additional workload for the crew, or worse.

You can read more about some of the amazing things Air2Ground agents have done for our customers in this article recently published by Altitudes Magazine.

Based on the great feedback we’ve received so far, we’ve got plans to continue to expand Air2Ground around the world at the high-stress, high-risk destinations you’ve asked for more support. So be on the looking out for new agent locations soon!

Until then, safe travels!